Six Embarrassing Sex Questions Real Answers to Real-Life Problems

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    Dec 30, 2013
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Six Embarrassing Sex Questions Real Answers to Real-Life Problems Photo by John Dugan

Sex is fun. And sometimes, sex is funny. It can also be embarrassing, awkward and just plain weird. However, even with the broad spectrum of experiences one can have during sex, most people still believe it should be effortless and perfect as it appears in the latest romantic comedy. In keeping with that illusion, most people don’t feel comfortable talking to others about their quirky penis or their random sexual fantasies, and they certainly don’t want to ask embarrassing questions. Here are the answers to some of those questions that never seem to get asked, including tips for keeping the penis healthy.

My girl doesn’t like to get completely naked during sex; what’s up with that?

When one, or both partners feels uncomfortable with nudity, it can make sex a bit trickier. People who don’t like to be naked may come from a very conservative background - they may even struggle with feelings of shame when it comes to sexual activity. Alternatively, self-esteem and body issues may be the reason she wants to stay covered up. The quirk is no big deal, unless it detracting from the overall enjoyment of the sexual experience. If so, a therapist would be helpful in getting to the root of the problem.

My wife doesn’t want to use sex toys -- why not?

To each his own, right? If the idea of using a toy makes a woman uncomfortable, it is not going to serve a couple’s sex life well to force the issue. Perhaps the idea of it feels weird to her, or maybe the sensation of using the sex toy itself is not pleasurable for her. Try not to push the issue, and take it as a compliment that she is satisfied enough by her partner - no bells and whistles needed!

My husband wants me to be on top, but I’m heavier than him. Can he be crushed?

Many people who are sensitive about their weight fear hurting their partners - particularly if there is a big weight discrepancy between the two. However, if a man is requesting that his partner be on top, it is likely he is enjoying the activity, so there is nothing to worry about. After all, if it was uncomfortable for him or his manhood, he would change it in an instant, right?

My mouth gets tired when going down on my guy; is that abnormal?

What’s abnormal about it? The muscles used during oral sex are not the same muscles that the mouth uses during everyday life, so it stands to reason that one’s mouth, jaw or tonged might get tired. Don’t let this be a deterrent from performing the deed altogether; simply switch to using a hand or two when the mouth needs a rest.

Is there anything wrong with faking orgasms?

Well, no, it is perfectly fine to fake orgasms - so long as one doesn’t enjoy them or want to enjoy sex to the fullest! Many people fake orgasms to save their partners feelings, but in reality, it is only hurting the faker in the long run. If one’s partner thinks they are a stud in bed, they will never learn what really makes their partner tick. A better solution would be to explore ways for both partners to reach orgasm, that way sex is enjoyable for both people involved - no faking necessary!

My guy has a funky penis odor. What will fix this without hurting his feelings?

Encountering a guy with funky junk can be unpleasant, and it can be downright awkward to confront him about. Rather than holding one’s nose during oral sex, buy him some penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A penis health cream, particularly one that is formulated with vitamin A - which busts odor-causing bacteria - can keep his junk in top-top shape and odor free. All he needs to do is add it to his daily hygiene routine by slathering it on after every shower, done and done!

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