Erectile Dysfunction under 40 Overcoming Sex Problems in Younger Men

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    Apr 22, 2013
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Erectile Dysfunction under 40 Overcoming Sex Problems in Younger Men Photo by John Dugan

Erectile dysfunction is generally considered an age-related problem; the common perception is that younger men are primed and ready for action at all times. However, while most men would like to brag about a constant state of readiness, the truth is that daily life often gets in the way, and even the most virile of young men can experience the occasional flop when it comes to bedroom performance.

In most cases, this is nothing to be concerned about - the stress of a long day or a bit too much to drink can cause a temporary dereliction of duty where sexual function is concerned. However, young men who experience frequent problems in this department may need to consider talking to their doctors about penis care for erectile dysfunction.

What causes ED in young men?

In older men, loss of function may occur as testosterone levels decrease, the circulation becomes compromised by heart disease or smoking, or a band of midlife fat settles in around the waistline. Men in their 50s and 60s typically encounter at least the occasional problem with sexual function.

In young men, these issues are less common; however, medical conditions such as congenital heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, or reduced testosterone levels can also lead to loss of function. In addition, men of any age who are overweight, consume a poor diet, and/or have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to have problems rising to the occasion. Furthermore, men who have problems with substance abuse or alcohol may develop erectile issues at any age. Various medications may also have an adverse effect on erectile ability.

Beyond the more obvious physical health concerns, psychology often comes into play in matters of sexual function. Men who are under a great deal of stress, or those who have problems with depression or anxiety, may also have difficulties in the bedroom. Performance anxiety, partner conflict, and guilt associated with a strict upbringing can also lead to problems in this area.

Treating ED

Successful treatment of erectile issues depends on the underlying cause. Treating conditions like heart disease or diabetes is certainly necessary; and men who are overweight and unhealthy will need to take a look at their lifestyle and make some positive changes. Avoiding recreational substances, quitting smoking and limiting one’s intake of alcohol can also have a beneficial effect.

When it comes to the psychology of erections, treatment can get more tricky, as worrying about the issue can create a cyclical problem. However, avoiding excessive stress and getting help for conditions like anxiety and depression can be enormously helpful.

Making positive lifestyle changes like exercising, losing weight, and paying attention to one’s appearance and grooming can be helpful in boosting confidence levels, which play a big part in a man’s ability to function well.

Caring for the equipment

Even when there is nothing physically wrong with the penis, taking extra care can help men to look and feel their best, giving their confidence (and their package) a lift. Men who feel good about the condition of their penis are less likely to feel anxious and self-conscious - problems which can often lead to performance issues.

It goes without saying that the penis should be kept clean. Washing with warm water and a mild cleanser is the first step. The penis should be allowed to dry thoroughly - especially under the foreskin, for uncircumcised men - to decrease the chances of developing a bacterial or fungal infection that can wreak havoc on the penile skin.

After cleansing, applying a high-quality penis vitamin cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can benefit the penis by moisturizing the skin; smoothing dry, roughened skin; boosting resistance to infections; and decreasing unpleasant odors. A cream containing penis-specific ingredients should be applied right after cleansing, while the skin is most absorbent. Adding this step to the daily personal care routine can help keep the penis smooth, resilient, and responsive to the touch.

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