Itchy Penis Causes and Treatments Soothing Solutions for a Burning Problem

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    Aug 16, 2014
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Itchy Penis Causes and Treatments Soothing Solutions for a Burning Problem Photo by John Dugan

An itchy penis can be irritating, embarrassing and worrisome all at the same time. While sometimes, the solution is as simple as practicing better hygiene, at other times, an itchy penis is a sign of a health problem that requires more rigorous treatment. For both penis health and general comfort, it’s important for men to get to the root of the problem. The following are four potential causes of penis itching.

Friction: When a man goes at it hard with his partner or his hand, over time the skin of the penis can become dry and cracked. Skin irritation results in itching, as well as other symptoms such as redness and soreness.

To prevent skin damage from excess friction, men should allow their penises time to heal between rigorous sexual encounters, either with a partner or of the solo variety. Using lubrication, either on a condom or the bare penis, can help things move along more smoothly. It’s also important to wear soft underwear and, for the sports players out there, appropriate undergarments that combat chaffing.

Jock Itch: Jock itch is a condition characterized by a red or pink rash in the groin folds that causes intense itching. It’s most common in male athletes and middle-aged men, though anyone can get it. The rash can be caused by a number of things, including excessive moisture, humidity, sweating, tight undergarments, bacterial infections or fungal infections.

Jock itch usually affects both sides of the groin. It can spread out from the groin folds to the thighs, testicles and penis. The rash can become rough, bumpy and dry. Mild cases of jock itch may clear up on their own, but sometimes treatment is required. The correct method of treating the condition depends on the cause. Some men may simply need to wear more appropriate undergarments that wick moisture away from the groin. If a bacterial and fungal infection is the source, antibacterial or antifungal creams are the answer.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): A number of STIs can be responsible for penis itching. Consider the following:

- Chlamydia - This is a bacterial infection that may be asymptomatic. When symptoms do arise, the most common in men is itching within the urethra, caused by irritation and inflammation, as well as burning upon urination and, sometimes, abnormal discharge from the penis.

- Gonorrhea - This STI is another bacterial infection that, like chlamydia, can cause itching within the urethra, burning upon urination and abnormal discharge. Sometimes, gonorrhea can cause symptoms throughout the body, such as joint pain and rash.

- Trichomoniasis - An STI that is only symptomatic in about 30% of those infected, it causes itching within the urethra as well as burning upon urination and abnormal discharge.

- Genital Warts - Caused by a specific type of human papilloma virus, warts appear as soft bumps on the genitals that may itch.

Antibiotics are the preferred treatment method for chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. Genital warts may resolve on their own if the body is able to successfully combat the virus that causes them, although some men may require treatment. Treatment may include a medicated cream, freezing the warts or burning them off.

Balanitis: This condition is characterized by inflammation of the penis head and/or foreskin. It may result in itchiness and pain, which can be intense. While it can be caused by certain STIs and other forms of infection, the primary cause is poor hygiene. This doesn’t just mean a lack of adequate washing; it includes the use of scented soaps or those that leave the skin dry, failure to rinse soap completely from the penis and the use of scented lotions on the organ.

The first treatment effort for balanitis is usually the identification of any potential irritants in a man’s regimen and their subsequent removal. Often, this suffices to remedy penis swelling and itching.

One of the best ways to prevent itching is to keep the penis moisturized with a penis health crème, (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A good penis crème will contain natural moisturizers such as vitamin E and antibacterial nutrients such as vitamin A. Also look for L-arginine on the ingredient list, an enzyme that increases blood circulation to the penis.

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