Signs of an Enlarged Prostate

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    Dec 21, 2012
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Prostate enlargement is one of the most common conditions endured by aging men. It mainly happens due to hormonal changes in the body that occur with advancing age. The prostate, as we know, is located below the bladder and encircles the urethra. When it expands, it pushes up against the bladder and squeezes the urethra. This puts pressure on the bladder which in turn increases the urge to urinate more often and also obstructs the flow of urine through the urethra resulting in a weak and hesitant stream. For many men, this condition remains largely asymptomatic, while for others it can be truly worrisome because frequent and hesitant urination can directly affect their quality of life. Diet, exercises and dietary supplement like Super Beta Prostate can help overcome urinary problems.

Signs of an Enlarged Prostate

1.       Difficulty starting urination

2.       Hesitant or weak urine stream

3.       Straining while urination

4.       Constant urge to urinate even if the bladder is empty

5.       Inability to completely empty the bladder

6.       Uncontrollable dribbling after the urine stream has ended

7.       Excess urination at night

8.       Pain while urinating

9.       Formation of bladder stones

10.    Blood in the urine in severe cases

The severity of these problems doesn’t depend on the size of the enlarged prostate. Men with a significantly enlarged gland may have very mild urinary problems, and those with a marginally enlarged prostate may experience painful symptoms. Most men ignore these urinary flow problems till they begin to interfere with their sleep schedule. Don’t ignore such signs; make sure to visit a doctor to evaluate your condition. If left unchecked, the condition can deteriorate further.

Make sure you eat a healthy diet that includes healthy fats. Saturated fats are harmful for the body if consumed in excess and are also a precursor to heart disease and obesity. Eat fiber-rich foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants, compounds that fight free radicals and stop cell damage, so have your five servings a day without fail. You can also go through Super Beta Prostate supplement reviews, which indicate how men who use this product are pleased with the outcome. Many people think Super Beta Prostate scam.  But that's not true. It contains clinically proven ingredients like Beta Sitosterol, which is a plant derivative that works by binding to the prostate gland and inhibiting further inflammation, which is a boon to people suffering from enlarged prostate.

Remember that prostate health is very important, so don’t waste time for your symptoms to worsen. If you're over 50, visit your doctor for an annual prostate exam. Educate yourself about the importance of a healthy prostate especially if there's a family history of prostate health issues in your family.

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Go through Super Beta Prostate supplement reviews, to know how men who use this product r pleased.Many people think Super Beta Prostate scam !But that's not true.It contains ingredients like Beta Sitosterol, which is a plant derivative that works by binding to prostate gland & inhibiting further inflammation.

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