A Healthy Penis Depends on Protection Choosing the Right Condom for the Best Experience

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    Jun 29, 2014
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A Healthy Penis Depends on Protection Choosing the Right Condom for the Best Experience Photo by John Dugan

Sexually active men know that maintaining a healthy penis requires wearing condoms, both to help prevent pregnancies and to help prevent the spread of transmissible diseases. While many men do not relish the experience of wearing rubbers, proper penis care demands their use. The good news is that there are more condom options available than ever before.

The spice of life

Variety is the spice of life, so spicing up one's sex life may now include choosing from an array of different condom possibilities. Gone are the days when a rubber was a one-size-fits-all affair, available only in a sickly, transparent white. There are far too many options for the local drugstore to carry them all, but the adventurous man can seek out more outré options online - and can be comforted by the knowledge that ever more interesting latex variations are being developed even as he reads this.

So what are some of the options in rubber protection?

1) Color. This was one of the first changes to come onto the market; adding a few new tints to condoms was a no-brainer. But the choice of colors now is staggering: everything from subdued yellows to neon greens. In the modern world, a guy can choose a condom to enhance the mood, match his bed sheets or make his tool shimmer.

2) Size. Whether a man has a monster or a mini, there's a latex friend that's just the right size somewhere out there.

3) Shapes. Some rubbers are totally straight, letting a tool's personal shape shine through. Others have reservoir tips, are pinched just below the glans or flare out. A man can model a few and ask his partners for feedback on what best suits him.

4) Flavors. Some manufacturers create condoms with a taste to them, especially useful for practicing safe oral sex. For those partners with a taste for alcohol or cigarettes, there are even some with Scotch or tobacco flavors.

5) Tips only. Currently in development and not yet marketed or approved, this condom variation is intended to cover only the glans, rather than the entire shaft.

6) Accordion style. A new rubber, made of silicone, is the accordion-style, which is something of a combination of a penis sleeve and a condom. The sculpted silicone allows for easier application. This variation comes in separate styles for vaginal and anal intercourse.

7) Instructional. For the man who might like a few hints on how to enliven his lovemaking, some condoms are packaged in covers which illustrate one of 64 kama sutra sexual positions.

8) Application-assisted. Currently available in South Africa, these latex friends make sliding the condom onto the penis easier. Each rubber comes attached to a plastic guide which can be easily removed once the condom is in place and ready for action.

9) Spray-on. Germany is developing condoms from a can. Using a medical latex design that is used to create instant bandaging, this will allow a man to create a rubber on the spur of the moment.

10) New age options. Some condoms are available that are environmentally friendly or are made of organic ingredients.

11) Musical. Still in development, several inventors are racing to create condoms that play music or make other sounds when engaged. (The couple may still need to provide their own heavy breathing.)

With so many varieties available (and more to come), no man has an excuse for not using a condom to ensure he has a healthy penis. By the same token, with a simple way to maintain his overall penis health - that is, through the use of a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) - no many has an excuse for a dry, wrinkly or otherwise unhealthy tool. Regularly using a cream that includes a powerful double team of moisturizers (such as shea butter and vitamin E) can provide the hydrations that a man's penis so desperately needs. A cream that also contains a superior antioxidant such as alpha lipoic acid can help stem premature cell aging, and prevent the cracked, wrinkled appearance that too many penises develop.

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