Chronic Sore Penis Issues is the Penile Sleeve to Blame?

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    Jun 25, 2014
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Chronic Sore Penis Issues is the Penile Sleeve to Blame? Photo by John Dugan

Many a man may easily use a penis sleeve for his pleasure without suffering a sore penis; on the other hand, some men, even those experienced with using such products, can sometimes find that their tool has become a bit raw during its time inside the sleeve. Knowing how to practice appropriate penis care in these instances will enable a man to heal more quickly and to know what to do if such soreness occurs again.

The sleeve

While penis sleeves are a popular erotic product, many men are unfamiliar with them; other men may know of them but may confuse them with the more widely known dildo. So what is a penis sleeve?

Technically speaking, a penis sleeve is any covering that a man places over his shaft or a portion thereof. In common usage, the meaning is refined a bit more so that it refers to any such covering that is intended to act as a supplement to a man's penis by increasing its length, girth, shape or a combination of the three. Many times, a sleeve has bumps, raised veins or an especially pronounced glans in order to provide a greater degree of stimulation for the man's partner.

As a covering, the sleeve is to some degree hollow. Most of the time, the material is rubber, silicone or plastic. It needs to be firm enough to provide adequate penetration of the vagina or anus, yet soft enough to not irritate the vagina, anus or penis.

What causes the soreness?

A sore penis can result from the use of a penis sleeve in several ways:

1) Site of attachment. Sleeves can be attached in several ways. Often, the opening at the base of the sleeve is somewhat tight, so that the sleeve essentially adheres to the penis until removed. In some other cases, a strap (often plastic or fabric) which tends to wrap around underneath the testicles or tie around the waist may be used. The rubbing of the sleeve or the strap can irritate the skin and produce a rawness, especially if the sleeve is used for an extended period of time.

2) Vibration. In some instances, a sleeve may have a vibrating element included in it, which makes it a very useful masturbation device. However, just as a man may get too caught up in his masturbation and rub his penis too aggressively, so can a man allow the vibrations of the sleeve to go on for too long a time in search of an exquisite orgasm.

3) Tightness. Finding the "Goldilocks" sleeve - not too loose, not too tight, but just right - is sometimes challenging. A sleeve that is too tight can definitely create a raw, red penis that needs attention.

4) Material. Occasionally, a man may find that his penis skin has an allergic reaction to the material out of which his sleeve is made. This can result in a rash, itching, redness and other minor irritations.

5) Imperfections. Sometimes a sleeve may have an imperfect - a stray piece of plastic that was not ground to perfect smoothness, for example, and that is positioned so that it creates a steady source of irritation.

A man who experiences penis sleeve irritation should do several things:

Cease use of the sleeve until the irritation clears up.

If the irritation is due to imperfections, poor fit, or a reaction to the material, replace with a more appropriate sleeve.

Apply a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) right away and regularly. The best choice is going to be a cream that doesn't skimp on the moisturizing ingredients: it should contain a high end emollient like shea butter plus a natural hydrator like vitamin E. Rubbing these into the sore penis will soothe and provide quick relief. In addition, a man should find a cream that also contains acetyl L carnitine. Why? Because rough handling of the penis often leads to peripheral nerve damage, and this neuroprotective ingredient is very helpful at addressing this issue and restoring lost sensation to the penis.

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