Weak Erections 6 Natural Ways to Stiffen Up

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    Sep 04, 2014
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Weak Erections 6 Natural Ways to Stiffen Up Photo by John Dugan

The causes of weak erections range from lifestyle choices to serious underlying health conditions. Before running to the doctor for a prescription of Viagra, it’s a good idea for a man to think about what he can do to more proactively deal with erectile problems. There are several natural, healthy steps a man can take to strengthen his stiffies and improve overall penis health. Men can incorporate the following changes into their daily routines for optimal erectile function.

1) Do kegels.

Kegels aren’t just for the ladies. This exercise strengthens the bulbocavernosus muscle, which, in men, is responsible for allowing the penis to fill with blood for a nice, hard erection. The muscle is exercised by squeezing it; men can identify the muscle by stopping the flow of urine mid-stream. Clench the muscle, holding each clench for five seconds 10 times in a row, three times a day to start. Work up to sets of 20 as the muscle gains strength.

2) Do cardio.

The penis gets hard during an erection because two chambers, beautifully named the corpora cavernosa, fill with blood. Ample blood flow, then, is vital to erectile health. Cardiovascular exercise helps the heart work more efficiently, meaning it improves circulation. Men might think they don’t have time for cardio, but 30 minutes a day a few times a week may be sufficient to improve not only penis health, but overall physical and mental well-being. Men don’t need to go to the gym for cardio, either. Park several blocks away from work and walk the rest of the way; walk to lunch; wind down at the end of the day with a brisk stroll; watch TV on an elliptical machine. Get creative.

3) Quit smoking.

Smoking is a great way to say "screw you" not only to the lungs but the penis as well. Smoking interferes with blood flow. In research, smokers report lower levels of sexual satisfaction; they also tend to have fewer nighttime erections, indicating poor erectile health.

4) Eat berries.

Nitric oxide is a chemical in the body that, among other things, is needed for the penis to perk up because it dilates the blood vessels within the member, allowing them to fill with blood for a strong erection. Free radicals in the blood reduce levels of nitric oxide, and antioxidants are the answer to this problem. Dark berries are rich in anthocyanins, antioxidants that can lower free radical count and, therefore, boost nitric oxide. A handful of blackberries a day may help erections stay.

5) Lose weight (to lower estrogen).

Overweight men tend to have higher levels of estrogen and, therefore, lower levels of testosterone, than men who are at a healthy weight. Healthy testosterone levels are needed for proper erectile function. If men are doing step 2 above - cardio - and eating right, then the process of losing weight should already be under way.

6) Manage snoring.

Snoring can not only deprive a man’s partner of sleep, but his penis of oxygen. When a man snores, he’s not taking in a normal amount of oxygen. Starving the penis of this necessity can wreak havoc on erectile health.

Once a man has the basics of erectile health down, he can turn his attention to the outside of the penis. Nothing goes better with a big, hard erection than smooth, supple skin. Using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) rich in natural moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E can keep the skin well-hydrated and pleasant to touch. Look for additional nutrients, such as vitamin C, that may promote more youthful skin and better circulation to the member.

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