Penis Sensitivity Secrets: Experimentation Can Be the Key to Lasting Pleasure

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    May 23, 2013
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Penis Sensitivity Secrets: Experimentation Can Be the Key to Lasting Pleasure Photo by John Dugan

It might sound corny, but a man's penis is as individual as his fingerprint. The tool he was born with, the care he's given to the equipment, and the ways in which he's used his body in the past can all lead up to a very specific sensory map. As a result, every guy might have specific parts of the penis that are intensely pleasurable, even when other men can touch that same spot on their own bodies and feel nothing at all in response. Men who know their bodies and what they like best might be able to experience intense sensations with very little work and pressure at all, and this could help them to avoid some nasty injuries that only time and focused penis care can heal. These are a few common areas that men tend to find pleasurable; experimentation can help a guy (or his partner) find the right spot for his attention.

Starting at the Top

The very peak of the penis, also known as the head, is packed full of sensory cells, and the smooth skin that covers that area allows all of those little nerve fibers to transmit touch signals to the brain. Most men focus their attention on the head of when they're ready for pleasure, but there are specific portions of the head that might merit a little more exploration.

On the underside of the penis, a tiny band or ridge of tissue connects the head to the shaft. For some men, this small bit of tissue contains more sensory cells than any other part of the package, and just applying mild feather touches can bring them to the peak of bliss. There are some men, however, who find this area to be so sensitive that even gentle touches cause a sensation more akin to pain.

The ring of tissue that surrounds the tip might be a better choice for men with super-sensitive tissues. This ridge also contains a dense concentration of sensory cells, and it tends to puff up and spread out during an erection, allowing those cells the maximum amount of exposure to touch and movement. Swirling a finger around this ridge could bring intense sensations to some men.

Hidden Pleasures

The penis doesn't end at the tip. In fact, there are plenty of sensitive parts of this organ that aren't located near the head at all, including:

1. The soft underside at the base 2. The area between the scrotum and the anus 3. The foreskin, or the scar left behind after a circumcision 4. The scrotum

Some portions are designed to respond to touch, while others are receptive to movement. Some areas prefer light strokes, while others seem to come alive when supplied with deep and lasting pressure.

Why Play?

Men who learn the ins and outs of their sensitivity aren't perverts with scads of time on their hands. They're connoisseurs of their own bodies, and they may be able to avoid very real damage down the line.

A lack of knowledge can lead to frustrated, tight, dry masturbation sessions that seem to last for hours and lead to no pleasure at all. Once the fury is over, a man could be left with tissue that's scraped and abraded, and as it heals, it might be forever scarred. Skin like this isn't able to transmit signals of pleasure effectively, and the next masturbation session might take even longer as a result. Men who know their bodies, on the other hand, can become efficient pleasure machines who survive their masturbation sessions with their sensitivity intact.

Men who have already lost a bit of the magic touch due to damage might consider adding a penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) to their daily routines. These products can boost moisture levels in sensitive skin, and repair tissues that are cracked and dry, leaving a man ready for pleasure once more.

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