Ideas for Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Handles

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    Dec 05, 2013
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Ideas for Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Handles Photo by Thomas Croll

When space is limited, it becomes more complex to choose the right hardware for your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets do not usually come with pulls and handles so the decision is left to the homeowner to pick a style that matches with the space.

Enumerated here below are some crucial tips which will help you in selecting fitting kitchen cabinet hardware.

To decor a modern kitchen, efficient pulls and a smooth rectangular or tubular alternative is an ideal match. In kitchen space, it’s imperative to take into account the polishes that are on the light fittings and appliances. Also, it is not required that you should match every finish, you could either join brushed nickel with chrome or brass with oil rubbed bronze; whatever you might select, make sure that the polishes match each other. Handles and pulls with any type of polish will go with white kitchen cabinets.

Most ignored alternatives are glass knobs. If you want to make your kitchen stylish, you need to consider glass knobs which are a classic alternative that offers a little glitter or playful colours.

Any polish on hardware will look great on painted cabinets. Typical polishes for coloured kitchen cabinets are oil rubbed bronze, chrome and brushed nickel. It also applies to wooden cabinets; pick among nickel, chrome or oil rubbed bronze. Don’t be surprised as brass is making a comeback as an alternative for kitchen hardware.

You have the flexibility of merging styles of hardware too, and in such situations you can’t make mistakes when you maintain the polishes constant. Your hardware should share identical polish to maintain the consistent look in case cabinet hinges are uncovered.

As you will be pulling the cabinet handles several times during a day, you need consider buying handles that are comfortable and feels good to touch. Select softer and more stable handles in case the pull or handle feels frail, uneven or sore.

You need to match the polish that is on the hardware with the polish that is on the appliances. With black coloured appliances, black or oil rubbed bronze handles looks wonderful similar to stainless steel appliances that looks amazing with brushed nickel handles. You can even match your hardware selection with the light fittings or faucet. In modern kitchens, we are seeing the use of varied combinations in finishes.

When searching for the right cabinet hardware and handles for your precious kitchen, the most crucial element is to make appropriate selections that will add to the style of your space, the appliances and fittings, and to make choices that you will admire for several years to come.

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