This Is Your Time

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    Sep 23, 2012
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This is not happening for real, you are just experiencing a bad contact, a wrong connection in your head. They had forced a wrong image of the world on you. Everything is in the head; you hear the shouts of the people who think that way. People who want to believe that legs are the most important tell you their opinion. Those who have identified themselves with money, repeat that everything revolves around money. The way out is on the other side.

Raise your head and straighten yourself up. Fix your spiritual eyes upon infinity, look for the highest spot in the sky, rivet your glance to it. You will see that your value system is changing, it`s becoming strong, steadfast and stable. Awaken your creative longing for joy and wake up. Disarm intrusive daily political phantoms that create confusion in your mind. Don`t believe in imposed reality where you feel bad. Defeat the reality by not accepting it. Defeat the reality by creating your vision of reality and by enjoying the materialization of your spiritual endeavors.

Don`t believe that this is a bad time, that is a negative suggestion, they are deceiving you. This is the best time because it belongs to you in all its fullness and beauty. This is your time. Forgive people, planet earth, naive, black worries, the desire for powerful word which you were hiding in your subconsciousness for a long time, thought by the poems of suicidal poets. The storm will pass, very quickly, it is over. Clean yourself with forgiveness, and liberated and quiet call the angels of joy.

They are here, you don`t see them, because petty things, dirty things, stupid things obstruct your view. Forgive in order to be free, light, almost bodiless, ready to fly. Among the clouds, hale and tame, through the clear, transparent, bright sky, you will see the wings of your soul. You will be blessed by your own vastness, by the infinity without hidden thoughts about pain, violence and evil. Forgive everyone in order to be free. This morning, start praying for forgiveness, for liberation of yourself from you as well. Pray for your soul`s wings and pray to start your flight into infinite joy.

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