Top 5 Tools Every Builder Must Have

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    Nov 22, 2013
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Top 5 Tools Every Builder Must Have Photo by John Nicholson

When you enter a hardware store it is impossible not to notice all the tools put on shelves and even walls. The variety of tools in huge and if you are not sure what you are exactly looking for it is easy to get lost or even forget.

1. A hammer. One of the most basic tools in every builder's toolbox. The absolute classic! The simplicity of this tool is only equal to its trustworthiness. It is really hard to imagine any types of construction job done without the help of this pal. A hammer with a claw is even better, because you can also remove nails as well as pound them into wood.

2. A screwdriver. In general, compared to nails, screws are better at holding objects together and are also easier to remove than nails. There are many different kinds of screws and screwdrivers, however the most common screwdrivers are two: the flathead and the Philips. The flathead screwdriver looks like a chisel and fits into a screw that has a single slot in the head. The tip of the Philips head screwdriver resembles a plus sign (+). There are also electric screwdrivers and the old school manual ones. What ever you decide on, a screwdriver is handy tool to have.

3. A power drill. When the time to drill holes into wood or sheets of metal comes (and that it will) this is the tool you absolutely need to have in your toolbox. There are basically two types of power drills: those with power cords and those with batteries. Those with the power cords are best choice when you need to drill many holes in many different materials for long periods of time. If you just need to drill only a couple of holes, then the power drill with batteries is what you need.

4. A saw. It is impossible for all your materials to be the exact length and size needed for your project. This is why you have a handy dandy saw to help you cut any unwanted material.

5. A Level. Knowing whether a surface is level or plumb is of great importance when you are building, so for that reason the level is a must have in your toolbox. The classic type of level is the bubble or spirit level. The device has small vials with markings that are partly full of a colored liquid. A small air bubble in the liquid tells you if the surface is level by being in the center between the markings. It is not, then the surface is plump. Nowadays we also have electronic leves, ether way do not start building anything without this tool.

If this article is of no interest to you and you have no toolbox and do not plan on buying one anytime soon, just find a builder london who is a professional and have him do what ever building job you need.

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