Common Shower Plumbing Problems

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    May 23, 2013
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Common Shower Plumbing Problems Photo by Samantha Vaughan

Stepping into the shower and finding that there is something wrong with one of its components can be very frustrating. Instead of just going in and taking a bath, you have to deal with these problems. It’s best to find out what the issue is and try to fix it immediately, so that it won’t get any worse and you can go back to using your shower in peace. Some shower problems, which typically involve showerheads and drains, are fairly easy to repair. However, they could also be signs of bigger plumbing problems down the line. Try a quick fix to see if the situation will improve. If not, it’s best to call a plumber to see what’s wrong and leave it to his able hands to do what he can right away. Here, we list some common shower plumbing problems and what you can do about them.


Showerhead Problems
Your showerhead is prone to a number of problems. As you might expect, leaking is one of those. It can leak from the outlet itself, from the arm installed on the wall, or from where it is connected to the tubing from the faucet. If your showerhead is continually dripping, you might want to check the faucet by removing the screw and pulling off the handle. The cartridge stem could be causing this dripping. You can remove it from the washer inside the faucet and simply buy and install a replacement. If your shower is leaking from the arm, the washer could be the problem.

You may also experience weak pressure from your shower. If it’s spraying a considerably smaller amount of water at a given time, it could be caused by some mineral deposits blocking the holes of the showerhead. You can simply clean the build-up by unscrewing the cover of the showerhead. If this isn’t enough, you can check if the sediments are lodged near the swivel ball. You can remove the showerhead from there and start cleaning it. Lastly, if you suddenly have trouble moving your showerhead around, you might want to check the swivel ball again. An old washer can be causing the stiffness of your showerhead, and you can simply buy a new one to replace it.


Shower Faucet Problems
Your shower faucet, like the showerhead, is also prone to leaks. This could be caused by the valves inside the faucet. Open it up and remove the cartridges, which you can replace with new seals, gaskets, and rings. Also, the flow of water into the shower can suddenly be slow, which will then result to weak pressure in the showerhead. This is probably caused by pipes in your plumbing system. Have a plumber check on your pipes to see if there’s any blockage, or if there are other problems that might require replacing the pipes.
You also might have problems with the temperature of water coming into your shower. It could be caused by damaged cartridges in the faucet or by the knobs that control the valves through which the water flows into your shower. You can either replace the cartridges or the valves to solve this problem. Lastly, you could have trouble with a sticky faucet handle or lever. It could be caused by hard water that has built up on the handle, which has damaged the cartridge. For this, replace the cartridge and clean out the handle.


Shower Drain Problems
Your shower drain is not exempted from clogs. With the kind of waste that it is subjected to, from soap scum to hair, you will eventually have to clean it out, especially if it has resulted to clogging. If you notice the slow flow of water from the shower floor into the drain, or if the water doesn’t go down at all, check the drain for any clogs and remove them. It could be that hair has accumulated in the drain strainer, in which case you can simply throw the hair out. If the problem is down the drain itself, you can use a plunger, or a plumbing snake or auger to locate the clog and remove it.

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