How Should You Take Care Of Your Boiler In The Summer?

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    Aug 15, 2014
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How Should You Take Care Of Your Boiler In The Summer? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Boilers are not exactly the first consideration on our lists during the summer. Most households will turn the boiler off, forget it exists, and then look to switch it on again when autumn arrives. Unfortunately, many boilers do not play ball and a call to plumbing services in Glasgow is not far away.

You would not expect to leave your car idling in the driveway for three months and expect it to work as if nothing happened. The same thing applies to your boiler. If you are not interested in calling someone out to help with your boiler repairs in Glasgow, read this article to find out more about summer maintenance.

Tick the Central Heating Over

Even if it is roasting outside, always turn your central heating on for about ten minutes every month. This will make sure all the parts remain in good working order for when you really need them. There is always a risk of components seizing up when left to fester for an extended period.

Another reason to put the central heating on is to remove any grit that has made its way into the system. Grit build-ups are one of the main causes of boiler problems come the winter.

The Pressure

Boilers will lose pressure when they are not used. If your boiler’s pressure falls below 1-1.5 bars, you have a problem. If the boiler is still cold, turn the water valves to make sure the pressure gets back within this range.

It is not a difficult maintenance task to carry out. Your instruction manual for the boiler will tell you how to do this. It will not invalidate your insurance policy if you do it yourself, so there is no need to call out a professional.

In the event the pressure is too high, this is when you need to call a professional. Fiddling around with a system with high-pressure levels is incredibly dangerous and can be hazardous to human health.

What about the CO?

CO stands for carbon monoxide and it is the silent killer. It is estimated 50 people per year are killed through carbon monoxide exposure from faulty heating appliances. You cannot see, taste, or smell this dangerous gas. The only way you can detect it is through a carbon monoxide alarm close to the boiler. It will go off when carbon monoxide levels rise to an unsafe level.

This is especially important in the summer when boilers are more likely to breakdown. Since we do not consider our boilers in the summer, carbon monoxide can leak out without our knowledge. This is why many of these deaths occur during the summer.

What about Professional Maintenance?

It is always wise to schedule an annual maintenance call either during the summer or just before the summer. Your boiler goes through a lot of continuous usage throughout the winter. By having professional plumbers in Glasgow give you the ‘okay’, you can go into the summer with confidence knowing your boiler is in tiptop condition.

Depending on your plan with your energy provider, this might be something you have access to completely free of charge.

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