Chloramine- A Multipurpose Disinfectant

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    Feb 13, 2014
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Chloramine- A Multipurpose Disinfectant Photo by Henry Jordan

Chloramine-T is the most favoured disinfectant of koi keepers, pond lovers, fishing clubs and may more institutions. Chloramine-T is readily available and easy to apply for various disinfection purposes, the user just need to exercise enough caution and prudence to gain maximum benefit without any harmful side effects. Most manufactures provide safety guidelines to be followed while using the product follow these strictly and remain safe.

Most aquaculture industries and ornamental fish keeping facilities have continually remained loyal to Chloramine-T for disinfecting their equipment and gear. All Angler equipment must undergo disinfection process before and after fishing to prevent untoward transfer of infective bugs. Aquatic centers or fish farms could disinfect the nets by keeping the nets dipped in one percent solution of Chloramine T. Excess solution forming drops over the net could be shaked off prior to using the net for fishing.

Amateur pond and fish keepers world over practice using Chloramine for treating fish for various diseases including body flukes, gill flukes, white spots and for overall reducing of pathogenic bacteria. Treatments with Chloramine T should be carried out carefully using just the right amount of dosage along with necessary precaution. Experts advise to bypass or turn off the filter system of the water body for a few hours during treatment procedure using Chloramine. Turning off the filters ensures that the favourable nitrifying bacteria are not harmed during treatment. Follow the manufactures guidelines regarding the dilution rates before any application. Dilution rates would vary according to the pH levels, softness or hardness of the water body, please be careful about this to prevent any serious damage to the delicate fish. User should wear disposable gloves and suitable eye protection gear while handling the chemical.

If using in fish ponds induce air circulation in the water using aerator pump to nullify deoxygenating during treatment, UV lights should be turned off while treatment application. The toxicity of the chemical multiplies manifold upon mixing with the soft water with low pH levels or acidic properties therefore the dosage rates of the compound should be reduced at by 75 percent. Hard water or higher salt components in the water also make it unsuitable for Chloramine treatment. Chloramine-T breaks up fast in sunlight therefore to derive maximum benefit, begin the treatment in the evenings or on days with cloudy forecast of the weather.

Once you order a bigger pack of Chloramine-T and done with treating the pond and fish, remaining product could be used to disinfect kitchen counters, air condition units, bathrooms and toilets. The powder easily dissolves in warm water and could be immediately used as spray or solution according to the requirtement.To maintain the efficacy of the product the solution should be stored in special UV protected bottles, and the solution remains good for up to eight weeks. Solution strength of 0.5 percent or 5000ppm with an exposure time of 15 minutes is enough for routine disinfection of the surfaces.

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