Better Tasting Semen - 3 Steps to Increase Her Oral Appetite

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    Dec 25, 2013
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Better Tasting Semen - 3 Steps to Increase Her Oral Appetite Photo by John Dugan

Biologists might say that semen serves only one purpose: To deliver genetic information from one body to another. Willing partners might have a completely different use for the stuff, however, especially if it has a sweet and pleasant taste. These partners might be willing to spend some significant time on oral play in order to get the taste they crave, and they might be willing to repeat that process on a regular basis.

Developing pleasant-tasting seminal fluid can take a bit of penis care, and diet changes almost always play a role, but men who put in the time might obtain rewards beyond measure. These 3 steps can help.

Mind the Plate

Taste is subjective, meaning that some flavors people find horrific bring intense joy to others. In general, however, people who sample sperm want the stuff to be free of bitter or sulfuric notes. Coffee and cigarettes are common culprits when it comes to nasty spunk, particularly if these substances pass by a man's lips in the hours immediately preceding an intimate encounter. Similarly, downing big doses of animal products in the hours before sex can make the semen a little salty and fat-laden, and that might be off-putting to some partners.

Better semen choices come from the fruit-and-vegetable aisle of the grocery store. Common favorites include:

  • Pineapple
  • Celery
  • Melons
  • Cranberries
  • Watermelon

These food items are rumored to make the semen taste a little bit fresher and sweeter, although the exact amount needed to bring this change about is subject to debate and experimentation.

Add in Fluid

While food can play a vital role in tasty juice, hydration is also important. Fluids can help the body to flush out toxins, moving them through the digestive system with such speed that they can't be stored in the fat and/or glandular cells. As a result, hydration could allow some of the nasty things a man does eat from tainting the pleasure of his partner.

Plain, clear water may not pack much of a flavor punch, especially when compared with a dark-roast coffee, but water also contains no hidden elements that could do yet more damage to a man's sensitive bits. By sticking with water on the day before an encounter a man might ensure that his fluids run clear and fresh.

Keep it Clean

Diet can ensure that these special fluids are lip-smacking good when they leave the man's body, but if a guy doesn't keep his pipe as clean and healthy as it might possibly be, all of his hard work might go to waste. Tiny bacterial cells left on the skin can impart a moldy flavor to the sperm, while cracked skin might allow bits of other juices to stick around rather than rolling away. If the sperm delivery system isn’t clean and bright, the taste will likely be less than ideal, no matter what diet changes a man makes.

Washing with warm water on a regular basis can help, as a quick rinse can allow odor-producing cells to float away. Furthermore, a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might also play an important role. Products like this contain Vitamin A, which has the ability to reduce the bacterial colonies that set up camp in a man's pants. With fewer bacterial cells in play, yucky tastes might also abate. A quality product can also improve the cellular health of intimate skin, making it smoother and softer, so odiferous fluids don't hang out in the cracks and impart a funky flavor during a crucial moment. With a few weeks of dedicated use, the flavor might be worthy of frequent sampling.

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