Punch up Penis Performance with a Powerful Vitamin Cocktail

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    Oct 18, 2013
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Punch up Penis Performance with a Powerful Vitamin Cocktail Photo by John Dugan

If asked to sit down and give it some thought, most men will be unable to come up with an answer about the last time they thought about the importance of nutrition when it comes to penis performance and overall good health. After all, why would the penis need any special attention, as long as the body is functioning at a reasonably healthy level? The truth is, though, that maintaining a healthy penis requires more than a catch-as-catch-can attitude when it comes to the nutrients it needs to perform all of its vital functions. Getting plenty of the following nutrients can make all the difference when it comes to a stellar performance versus a bedroom flop on date night.

Vitamin A - A healthy penis starts with smooth, resilient skin; this means getting the right amount of vitamin A, which is widely used in cosmetic lotions and skin medications to reduce scarring, clear blemishes, and maintain the surface integrity of the skin.

Vitamin B5 - Vitamin B5 is a nutrient powerhouse that works to ensure that cell metabolism is humming along and that the penile tissue is functioning normally.

Vitamin C - This nutritional heavy hitter is necessary to penis health for several reasons. First, it is an important component of circulatory tissue and is needed to form and repair the blood vessels that provide nourishment to the penile cells, as well as allowing erections to form. Second, it functions as a powerful antioxidant, helping to fight off disease and maintain cellular health. Third, it is vital to the formation of healthy skin and connective tissue and helps the skin to maintain its shape and elasticity.

Vitamin D - Another all-around nutritional superstar, vitamin D is essential to healthy skin and connective tissue, as well as playing an important role in cellular function.

Vitamin E - This nutrient is especially effective in maintaining healthy skin, locking in moisture, and soothing dryness and irritation that comes from excessive friction. Vitamin E is also often used in treating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Acetyl L carnitine - This protein-building amino acid is important to penile nerve health, helping to prevent peripheral nerve damage related to daily wear and tear. Acetyl L carnitine, or ALCAR, can help prevent loss of sensitivity due to rough handling.

L Arginine - Another amino acid, this nutrient is important to the circulatory health of the penis, helping to ensure healthy oxygenation of the penile tissue as well as promoting erectile function.

Alpha lipoic acid - Like vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid works as an antioxidant, preventing cellular damage that can lead to early signs of aging and even the development of cancerous cells.

Shea butter - Although not an actual nutrient, no penis health care regimen would be complete without natural emollients such as Shea butter, a rich moisturizer which helps to heal, protect and improve the quality of the penile skin.

So how can a man make sure that his penis gets all of these vital nutrients?

Getting all of these ingredients should be part of a healthy diet (with the possible exception of Shea butter), but this is actually easier said than done. These nutrients can be found in many healthy foods, but absorption of these elements is not always guaranteed, and even those that are absorbed properly into the blood stream are often directed to other parts of the body, leaving the manhood out of the equation.

This is where a little extra TLC comes in. Adding a high-quality penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to the morning (or evening) wash-and-groom ritual can help to ensure that these nutrients are made available to the penile tissue without having to rely on miles of digestive tract to make it happen. A small dab of nourishing cream that is formulated especially for the penis can go a long way toward boosting performance, maintaining healthy and responsive tissue, and improving its overall appearance.

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