Stop Taking Antioxidants

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    Mar 08, 2013
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Healthy food
Healthy food
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As a normal part of our physiology, our bodies are making hundreds of millions of free radicals at any given time. When the problem created by an overabundance of free radicals was recognized years ago, the first line of defense was Vitamin C, which happens to be a fairly good antioxidant in that it reacts well with free radicals. Other antioxidants followed, including Vitamins E and A, CoQ10, Carotenoids, Flavinoids, Isoflavones, Lipoic Acid, Melatonin and many, many more.

Consumers, over the years, have continued to rely on antioxidants in hopes of controlling the damage that free radicals are constantly doing to our cells, despite the biochemical proof that one molecule of an antioxidant can only eliminate ONE free radical! Since we are making hundreds of millions of free radicals at any given time, the notion that we can control this constant bombardment of free radicals by ingesting antioxidants makes no sense scientifically. In recent years, we have come to acknowledge that we can't possibly consume enough antioxidants in our diets to bring our free radicals back into balance. This is true primarily because ingesting antioxidants is not the way our bodies normally deal with the problems that free radicals create. Normally, to control free radical damage, our bodies rely on a series of survival genes that make enzymes that control free radicals. These enzymes include superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and catalase, along with another 20 to 30 such protective enzymes.

Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies stop producing enough of these enzymes (much the same as we stop producing as much estrogen, testosterone, and many other substances as we age) and the excess free radicals wreak their havoc, causing what scientists recognize as oxidative stress. The obvious BEST solution then would be to find a way to stimulate our bodies to again turn on those genes that make the enzymes that destroy free radicals. These natural enzymes work much more efficiently and far more effectively than ingested antioxidants. For example, while ONE molecule of an antioxidant will eliminate only ONE free radical, one molecule of the body's natural enzymes (superoxide dismutase, for example) can eliminate up to a MILLION free radicals and, because it is a catalyst, it can continue to do this second after second. But scientists have been unable to find a way to induce the body to again turn on the genes that naturally produce these protective enzymes.

UNTIL NOW! Actually, in 2003 a group of scientists began looking at the problem of oxidative stress and subsequently formulated an ALL NATURAL SUPPLEMENT that controls free radicals the way our bodies naturally control them. This product has four U.S. patents and has been validated in TEN peer-reviewed medical journal articles. It has been clinically proven to turn on those survival genes that make the natural enzymes that control free radicals, increasing Glutathione production by 300%, Catalase production by 54%, and Superoxide dismutase production by 34%. 

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