What Is Little Passports For Kids?

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    Jan 24, 2013
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Parents know it’s important for their children to learn about different cultures but first hand experience can be hard to provide. Traveling is expensive and schedules are busier than every. More and more, parents are turning to the Internet to provide critical cultural educational experiences for their little ones. One site that provides such an experience is Little Passports for Kids. The site provides a monthly adventure for children without leaving the house. It is a way for kids to learn about different countries and cultures, developing an appreciation and respect for the differences that make the world a wonderful place.

The first step for interested parents and children is to sign up for a package. Parents can choose from either the World Edition or the USA Edition. In the World Edition, Sam and Sofia, Little Passports for Kids protagonists, travel from country to country learning about different cultures, cuisines, and history. Countries included in the World Edition cover six of the seven continents from Brazil to Spain to Antarctica to Japan. In the USA Edition, Sam and Sofia traverse the fifty United States of America, discovering each state’s unique flavor. Packages range from three-month to twelve-month plans. Parents also have the option of paying month-to-month, which might be helpful for parents who are unsure if their children will enjoy the activity.

Regardless of the edition selected, each month, children will receive a Discovery Kit in the mail. The Little Passports for Kids kit is customized for the country or state featured that month. In the US Edition, the first month’s kit includes an introductory letter from Sam and Sofia as well as a field guide, scratch book, wall map, disposable camera, and photo scavenger hunt. Subsequent months’ kits include 32-page activity journals, stickers, pop-out models, postcards, and access to online activities. Little Passports for Kids World Edition packages start off with a travel suitcase filled with goodies. These include a letter from the characters as well as a wall map, passport, stickers, an activity sheet, and access to additional activities online. Following months’ packages include letters from the travelers, souvenirs, stickers, photos, and activity sheets.

Little Passports for Kids website features a boarding zone that contains each month’s additional activities. Subscribers gain access to this with codes provided in each month's kit. The Little Passports for Kids site also features a blog that contains additional information about the different cultures. The blog has posts about traditions around the world as well as recipes, stories, and the occasional promotional piece. Each blog post contains additional activities for children that compliment the monthly activity kits. For example, a New Year’s themed post contained a map activity in which children were asked to match phrases to different countries based on their knowledge of that country’s language.

For parents who don’t have the luxury of whisking their children off on world adventures, Little Passports for Kids is a great alternative. The site provides a thorough educational experience for children while also being friendly to parents’ wallets.

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