Microdermabrasion vs Chemical Peels: Which is a Better Option?

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    Jan 06, 2014
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Microdermabrasion vs Chemical Peels: Which is a Better Option? Photo by Arran Carper

Youthful, glowing and a beautiful face is every woman’s dream!

Since, ages, women have been creating a number of methods to just to look beautiful. Right from the ancient Romans to the modern day woman; ladies have been trying their hands on different methods to attain a pretty, attractive and lustrous face.

With a tremendous progress in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery; more such beauty treatments are added to the list.

Since, the list of beauty and anti-aging treatments is getting longer; many women find themselves in dilemma as which treatments would suit them the best.

One such confusion that often takes hold of a woman’s mind is which one is better – Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peels?

The general question which arises is “What is the basic difference between a microdermabrasion and a chemical peel?” or, “Which one will prove to be more effective?”

To put microdermabrasion Virginia Beach in simple terms; it is an exfoliation method wherein the dead skin is removed PHYSICALLY; while the same process is done CHEMICALLY in chemical peel.

If we talk about a major difference in these methods; Chemical Peel usually requires some downtime; since our needs a few days to adapt to the chemicals, the actual peeling doesn’t occur until 48 hours after you have gone through the process.

On other hand, the downtime in Microdermabrasion is relatively low – Since, the exfoliation is done physically, the skin does not have to adapt to any external agents. The peeling starts showing off almost in no time. Talking about Microdermabrasion; there are two forms which are widely used – It is either done by diamond or by using crystal as tip to exfoliate the dead skins.

Very refined crystals are used to peel off the dead cells in what is called a “sandblasting” fashion, this way the dead cells are sloughed off. And when you opt for the Diamond form; the dead skin is peeled off using an abrasive tip (which is more like using a sandpaper sort of surface). This leaves a vacuum and eventually all the impurities are collected; thus leaving a fresh and bright skin.

Here, one thing needs to be noted; both microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel vary in its degree of aggressiveness based on the methods and material used. However, in certain conditions, you will see that Chemical Peel is more effective and safe. For example, when a patient is having broken capillaries, using diamond or crystal abrasions can damage the skin more. Here, only Chemical use can be helpful.

Similarly, when a person with very asymmetrical texture of skin or with acne ridden face are usually administered micro-dermabrasion to avoid any complications or skin irritations.

Both these methods have their own degrees of effectiveness, they can be used; but only when you have consulted a good dermatologist.

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The author through this article elaborates on microdermabrasion Virginia Beach and chemical peel as methods for skin exfoliation. He further describes on its effectiveness and how it solely depends on the skin type of the person.

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