Bring Your Child's Party to Life with One of Many Birthday Themes

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    Apr 19, 2013
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candles and cards
candles and cards
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Its nearing that time again – the approaching date of your child’s birthday party. Often, making a choice from the many birthday themes is the task. It’s like deciding where to go on vacation. Once the spot is decided, the rest are details.

But choosing a theme is so much fun. The entire family is involved and everyone is going crazy and throwing ideas and brainstorming. To help move things along, here are a few birthday themes that may help (or confuse!) you. Here goes:


Super Mario Bros.

The crazy monkey suits and the crazier mustaches make the theme lively and entertaining. Matching plates, straws, napkins, invitations, t-shirts, and fake mustaches are available. To see a very nicely done up theme, click here.


Everyone loves Elmo. Presence of the quirky Muppet being his crazy self is sure to put a smile on the children’s faces. The supplies include everything from tableware to fun activities.


Wizards are extremely popular among kids and it’s just wonderful to see their faces light up when they see all the sorcery they perform. Add a magic show to the theme and voila – you got yourself a birthday party!

Pirates and the Treasure Hunt

Pirates’ hunting for treasure is much like the game of hide and seek. We loved it too, remember? Never knowing what they will find makes this theme very interactive. The boys (and girls) will enjoy running about the garden looking for clues and finding favors at the end of their hunt!

Hot Wheels

Boys will be boys and we love our toys! Hot wheels, fast cars, fiery engines, make up for a charged birthday theme. Here is a site with the supplies.


The Sleepover

Sleepovers for girls are easy to manage and lots of fun in the safety of your home. Just make sure you are ready for the screams and the pillow fights. Make sure the parents know what the pickup times are. You can fill up the fridge with goodies and juices and just let them be. Set a few ground rules beforehand.


As a mom, you must have thought about ballet classes for your daughter. Why not make this the birthday theme for her and her friends and perhaps inspire her to start ballet? Just like you, she will love putting on the ballerina dress and perhaps they could put on a show as well.

Trip to the Spa

Yes. You can join in too! It does not have to be all grown up. Add fake tattoos and face painting as well. Girl stuff mixed in with girly giggles. It will be a fun day for the salon too!


Is she a budding fashionista? Then her friends are too! Let them express their love for fashion by going with the Bratz theme. With lots of bling and disco dust, yeah, this will fun.

The Catwalk

Make a temporary catwalk and get the girls to model. The girls can copy their favorite stars and dre3ss up just like them. Rent a few disco lights and smoke machines and you have a theme on your hands.

Hope you enjoyed the birthday themes. The number of ideas is almost infinite. You can take bits from different ideas and make a new one yourself. Here is wishing whichever birthday themes you choose, it will be memorable!

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