Investing in Domain Names - How to Be Profitable

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    Aug 25, 2012
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Domain names are the life blood of any internet website with good domain names being gobbled up at an astonishing rate.  Because of this when good domain names are found there is usually someone there to buy them quickly.

One of the most famous investments in domain names was the purchase of which sold for a staggering 7 million dollars.   It's unlikely to see domains go for that kind of money anymore simply because there are a lot more domain extensions now.  Owning the dot com version of a domain is usually the best choice but owning the others at a much lower price is becoming much more popular.

If you are planning on getting into investing on domain names you need to learn a lot about SEO and how long tail keywords play into it.  Getting domains that have good words in them are great for SEO and for adding rich content that becomes valuable because of it.  You do have to be careful that you are not infringing on a trademark though.  Domains like would likely be an issue and you are very likely to lose the domain because of it.

If keywords are trending heavily on a new product or maybe a new TV show or the like these are good opportunities.   Let's say someone creates the ultimate garden shovel called the Ultimate Garden Shovel then owning domains name like could be an investment.

There are lots of ways to invest in domain names even getting the .net or .info of an existing domain name.  If you were to buy the .net or .info name for a website and worked to get it ranked you can offer it up to the holder of the .com as your site has more value if it comes up sooner in search engines.

You also want to look at expiring domain names.  Often people forget to renew their domain names and if you find one of those that is popular the company that owned it is likely to want to buy it back, especially if they have time and effort invested in it like having business cards, company letterhead etc with that domain name on it.

If you go to sites like you can see some sites being sold with very little or no content, just a good domain name that someone thought of and checked and it was available.  They buy it usually around $10 and can sell it for hundreds or more.

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