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    Aug 28, 2012
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Internet marketing has increased exponentially for the past several years and affiliate programs are an important part of this market.

What is an affiliate? Affiliates are everyday people who get paid to advertise for businesses and companies on the Internet. Affiliates can post links and ads on their website in order to direct traffic to online companies. offers an interesting affiliate program that gives website owners or blog writers an opportunity to make money. By signing up for the program, the affiliate obtains a link aimed for future clients. The affiliate's job is to ensure the link is placed on his or her website so that possible clients have a chance to see it and click on it.

This particular affiliate program is interesting because the affiliate earns 20$ for every referred client who signs up for and makes their first deposit. In addition, a tracking cookie ensures that the affiliate earns a 3% commission for every deposit the client makes during the following six months.

Here is an example of the possible earnings an affiliate can make. If one client is referred to and makes their first deposit, and deposits a total of 100$ for the following six months, that one client will have brought the affiliate a total of 23$. currently accepts affiliates from all over the world. Banners and buttons of all sizes are available for the affiliates to use on their website or blog. Email swipes are also available to attract more potential clients.

All payments for this program are processed through PayPal, once a week on Mondays. Therefore, the potential affiliate must have a PayPal account in order to receive payment. The minimum balance required for payment is 10$.

For starting affiliates, the affiliate program is simple and efficient. It is also one of the most well-paying affiliate programs.

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