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    Sep 08, 2012
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I was born in the 1980s and my kids after 2005. Such a big gap in between which has gone through a series of tremendous changes. I wish I had that car from Back To The Future and really go through all those phases.

I look at my children and realize their childhood is so much different from ours. When I was a kid most of our time after school was spent playing outside with our neighbours, but my kids hardly go out. Partly because their is TV to blame and partly because its not safe anymore. Day in day out you get to hear so many stories you get to hear about kids getting kidnapped and it makes you think twice about leaving kids outside unattended.

Then there is the use of cell phones. When I was 3 there was no such things and the first time I used one was when I was 16. My younger daughter is 18 months old. She knows how to unlock the  iPhone and access the photo gallery, take pictures, dial numbers etc. She knows how to handle a tab too. Imagine how the world has changed.

There was no concept of an air conditioner when I was 1, but my kids were born seeing them and cant live without them in the summers.

Travelling in aeroplanes was considered to be a once in a blue moon thing but my kids have travelled so much.

Our only source of information was the TV news or books but now you can get anything you want by just a few clicks using the internet.

We couldnt watch many cartoons because we had a couple of channels that showed them for just a few hours and now you literally have channels devoted to cartoons so your kids are glued in front of the TV.

There are so many other endless things that have changed so much. Dunno what we have in store in future. Lets hope for the best.

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