Where Is The World Heading

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    Sep 06, 2012
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I was at home that morning doing my chores, cleaning up my room and at the same time had my TV turned on listening to the news on CNN when they started telling about the miserable conditions in Syria. For me listening to that news was nothing new, all that bombing, all those lives being lost. Been watching all that since the bloody 9/11.

Anyway, as I was listening the anchor mentioned that they have a video which could be disturbing to watch. I said what could it contain that I havent seen or heard before and then I saw that they were showing a video of gun shooting and bombing and people screaming. Then they showed a lot of men using shovels to remove rubble off a family that used to live where a bomb had exploded. They found the first body. One of the men held up a small girl, hardly three years old, lifeless. Then they found more. Another one about 4-5 years old. I only saw his small feet as he was covered in a blanket. They said they found around 11 dead bodies belonging to the same family. Didnt seem to me like they were terrorists, just innocent little children. Then they found another child, about 1 year old who was alive, fortunately or should I say unfortunately for now he had no one to look out for him. The poor baby was still alive but for whom. I guess God does have his ways.

You might have heard many such stories coming from all around the world, I heard such stories before too but the reason I felt this one so much was because I have my own children and in the same age group. I was literally crying as I saw one body coming after another. I cant even imagine my children getting hurt a single bit and for those children to go through all that hell, makes you wanna cry.

Where is the world going, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria, I mean what is going on? Why are our eyes closed. Have we become so heartless. Is anyone not feeling their pain? I guess not.

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