Jesus In the Quran

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    Feb 09, 2013
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Jesus In the Quran Photo by D. Wayne Moore

With all of the anti-Islam sentiment that exists in America today, most people would probably be surprised to learn that Jesus holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Muslims around the world.

Many Muslims proudly name their sons after Jesus, though they use the Arabic equivalent, Esa. So, if you are a Christian, and the next time you meet or hear of a Muslim named Esa, you will know that he is named after the Jesus of your Bible.

However, Jesus is recognized as an honorable prophet in the Quran, and not the Son of God, for such an appellation is considered shirk (Polytheism) in Islam.

Jesus is mentioned some 29 times (Prophet Muhammad is mentioned by name only five times) in the Quran and Muslims have no qualms about referring to those verses for guidance. However, you will not find an extensive list of his teachings in the Quran like you do in the Bible. There are no Beatitudes.

However, some other aspects of Jesus’ life are recounted in the Quran, including: His birth (Quran 3:45) the miracles (Quran 5:110) The Last Supper (Quran 5:114) the disciples (Quran 3:52) and his death (Quran 3:55).

Also like in the Bible, Jesus’ message was not well received by the rulers of his day and his life was threatened (Quran 4:157). Unlike in the Bible, however, the Quran asserts emphatically that Jesus was not slain by his enemies (Quran 4:157).

Although, there may be some minor differences in the details about how certain events unfolded, the similarities between the Quran’s account and that of the Bible are striking nonetheless.

This is by no means a comprehensive examination of the life of one of history’s most compelling figures; on the contrary, it is the non-academic observations of a layman that turned up some interesting and thought-provoking similarities. 

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