Impeach Cupid

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    Sep 04, 2012
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I am writing to say how bad I feel right now. You see, the big "Valentine's Day" is approaching and yet you still haven't managed to find someone I can share that day with. I asked you over and over how I would like someone (preferably tall, handsome, with hot bod, with stable job, car, owns a condo unit or a house) to come into my life rescue me from my lonely solitude. I want the promised prince charming of my childhood. The guy of my dreams. You have to give it to me now or I'll tell your boss to fire you.

I have friends who have been experiencing Valentine's Day all year long (as you may have noticed on their Facebook status) and I only want a day yet it looks like you ain't gonna meet your deadline. You are not doing your job properly and I am disappointed.

You already made four mistakes in determining my perfect guy. I've been hurt over and over but I am not giving up. I still put my trust on you but it can be a bit tiring sometimes, you know.

It was not only me who have complaints with the way your doing the task that is assigned to you. I also know people who used to think that their relationship is meant to stay forever but look at them now, broken, alone, separated, drinking liquor amounting to more than they can handle.

I know that we have to work together on this but I feel like I was the only one doing the job. You as cupid should work as FAITH.  Me as human should work as HOPE. It's as simple as that.

I didn't realize your love potions have an expiration date. Or have you been spending too much time on your "Tetris Battle" that you didn't noticed you were arrowing away substandard potions?

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Coming from a third world country, I have been exposed to life's realities and being a Filipino might be hard at times but I am proud of the way we handle the problems that comes along our way.

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