Scrapbooking 101

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    Sep 17, 2012
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There are a lot of creative ways that we can do to store our treasured memories and one of them is to gather it all together in a scrapbook. In this article, I will show you the fun and easy way of designing scrapbooks that will make you enjoy memories over and over again generation by generation.

What you need:

Construction paper (8.5x12)

2 Cardboards (8.5x12) or higher by not more that 1 inch.




Leather cord

Design materials (paper flower cut-outs, paper butterflies cut-outs, sand, pebbles, glitters, porcelaine beads, etc.)

Color Pens


Plastic cover

Glue stick

Glue gun

Popsicle sticks


Step 1 You need to find the perfect paper that fits your style. I prefer the recycled papers that can be bought on stationery stores but you can use construction papers as alternative. Punch 6-8 holes with fixed amount of space intervals in between the holes on the side using punchers. Do the same with the cardboard.

Step 2 Bind the cardboard and the papers using leather cord. The cardboards will be the front and back cover of the scrapbook.

Step 3 Cut a 4.5 x 6.5 inches plastic cover and put it at the front cover of your scrapbook. You can put it in the center, left or right side.   Glue the right, left and the lower part of the plastic cover on the cardboard. Leave the upper part unglued. Frame the plastic cover using popsicle sticks.Wait for the glue to dry then insert your favorite photo inside the frame.

Step 4 Customize your scrapbook by designing it according to your style. You can use different design materials like paper flower cut-outs, paper butterflies cut-outs, sand, pebbles, glitters, porcelaine beads, etc.

Step 5 Gather all your favorite pictures and every little pieces that have a sentimental value for you like that bracelet made from antique beads given by your grandma or the wrapper of the candy that your crush gave you. Gather all the pieces and put them altogether. Don’t forget to put descriptions on each pieces indicating why each piece are memorable for you and why they gained a space in your scrapbook. You can also write down your all your favorite quotes all over the pages of your scrapbook.

Viola! Your scrapbook is done and ready to share to your loved ones!   Remember, it is your scrapbook so you can do anything you want on it. You can add different ideas that will fit your personality. These are basically just guidelines to help you start your scrapbooking hobby. Have fun!  

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These are the easy steps in starting your own scrapbook

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