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    Mar 13, 2014
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Have you seen the movie or read the book, "The Secret". Some really understand the guides to this ever-present law of the universe. Others misinterpret the framework of the concept and still others think it's hokey. It's SUPER, SUPER simple: The Universe will draw to you the same emotion that you are feeling right now in this moment. You get what you FEEL. Not what you WANT - what you FEEL. Big difference for some of us.

For example, you wake up in a rush, already late, feeling flustered. Pretty soon you're in a bad mood. Notice that when you feel that way you hit the traffic jam? You get in the slowest line at the store; the ornery barista at the coffee shop. Your children, your mate, your boss or coworkers are all in a bad mood too. That's the day that you lose your keys or wallet. On the flip side, when you drive out of your driveway in a great mood, traffic flows; people you meet are nice; work goes smoothly; your favorite song comes the radio twice, etc. The universe sends you people & events that AMPLIFY or MATCH your MOOD! That was the crash course in Law of Attraction Online Dating. There are many facets of the Law to learn but this is too short an article and you can always get my book.

How does the Law of Attraction Dating affect the dating arena? Let's say you've had a bad break up. You were terribly hurt about 18 months ago. You've been trying to get emotionally stable and have been lying low. In the last 3 months you're feeling alone, lonely. You are hesitant. You certainly don't want a repeat of what happened 18 months ago. How can you protect yourself? Will the next person do the same thing to you? Maybe you won't give yourself emotionally for a long while in the next relationship. This way you can "escape unscathed" when it falls apart. Have you been in this space? What signal do you think you are sending out to the Universe in this state of mind? Knowing the Law of Attraction, I predict you'd attract a relationship that provides relief at first. But because you've been sending out a signal of loneliness, hurt, hesitation & fear, the Law of Attraction Love Relationships with time, will find a way to match and/or amplify your feelings. Understand that your FEELINGS today create your future.

We DO have a choice of what thoughts we are thinking! Outside events occur. The work of using Law of Attraction to your advantage (like engineers use gravity or the flow of water to their advantage) is to steer your emotions, your energy towards the positive. In the world of law of attraction love relationships dating, positive emotion in ANY circumstance is the key to enjoying your journey. Not caring about the outcome or the result is the secret. When you are constantly looking at "what is NOT happening" more of the "NOT happening" will come to you. Simple, right? Practice, my friend. Practice will make it easier.

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