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    Sep 06, 2012
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Who were the NEPHILIMS? They were the children of fallen angels. The book of Enoch gave a detailed description of them. The bible also described them as very tall and power beings who were born of a woman through sexual intercourse with a fallen angel (their father). These creatures were seen as an abomination unto the Lord God of heaven because they were fathered by fallen angels and that they fought against the seeds of Adam (sons of men); mankind cried out unto God for help, God was moved into heaven against their abomination, destruction and desolation that these creatures caused upon the land. God blamed the Fallen Angels for letting out the secrets of heaven unto mankind through their wives and also for polluting the land with sodomity. The lord God of heaven then sent a GREAT flood that wiped them out and all of mankind that was made corrupted by the creature's influences. Only NOAH and his family were saved because they were not made corrupted by these creatures.

Remember that all the NEPHILIMS were wiped out and the fallen angels that caused the destruction of the earth were bounded to rocks by huge chains under the earth until the day of judgement. The other set of fallen angels that remained, being immortal survived the flood. These angels took up habitation upon the earth, under the sea and other planets within our solar system notably Mars, and also on the Moon.

For centuries they have watched over mankind. Mankind before us made remarkable drawings in caves and on temples, illustrating what they had seen at the time of these creatures visitations. They are said to be the occupants of the flying saucers that have been sighted all over the world. These crafts were seen on the Mars surface, the Moon, on Earth and under the seas of Earth.

People called them the Greys or Aliens. They are said to act mainly in a robotic manner without human empathy or emotions. Killing to them is NOTHING. Also they are said to be the inventors of the MICROCHIP because mankind ONLY backed engineered the Microchip we did not make it originally; therefore we got our technology from these creatures. They are said to be highly intelligent and could possibly be the GREAT scientists of our day.

It has been reported that these creatures abduct humans and carry out a series of medical examinations on them in order to gather enough medical data; they seem to be in the process of creating a hybrid species much more superior than human beings. The victims are sometimes left traumatized and have missing times (cannot recall what had happen to them within a period of time that had elapsed without their knowledge)

Almost every nation on earth have seen flying saucers; there has been serious speculations on some of the NASA missions ( NASA Mission STS-75 The Tether Incident ) that flying saucers were seen hovering over a 12 miles long Tether (an antenna) that had broken off a satellite whilst launching it in space; when asked by FOX News about the objects spotted near the space shuttle, NASA Mission's manager reported that for many many years they have chased these things (flying saucers) but has never ever caught up with them (obviously they are more advanced than us), he went on saying that they have never ever got the visibility that tese craft on this mission had gotten and that these things (aliens/demons) never posed them any problem. Usually, when these craft are spotted in space and when asked about them, NASA's astronauts passed them off as space debris, space junk, ice crystals or tools floating up out of the paler bay of the space shuttle.

The creatures are said to be a part of the Tri-lateral Commission and worked with NASA. They also killed some of NASA scientists and nothing is done to punish them because they are in the process of sharing technology with NASA. Their religion is Satanism.

The Aliens are very much REAL and dangerous. Human beings often wonder how they cannot see them but it is because they exist within the micro (the air) and not the macro. They can transformed into a sound frequency that is transmitted into the air by the top of the line television stations. On watching certain channels, these entities enters your thoughts by taking up habitation into your brain. They then mind control you.

If you find yourself doing somethings repeatedly without your control you are being controlled from within. remember that God gave us a sound mind. there is a race for our minds. these things want to control us. they are the REAL puppet masters; they use music, movies, religion, politics, sports, education, the mass media, entertainment, pornography etc., to control us. they feed off our negative energies that is why from birth until now we have been feed violence, war, fear, lies, killing, perverted sex, and so on. it is to feed their deep dark evilous appetite of sin and shame.

The Truth is that no one, no country can fight them and win, they are the sons of God, they have fallen from grace, they are immortal and wicked. But GOD make a difference in every mans life, seek him now before it is too late my friends. Only the power of God can destroy them totally. The GREAT USA is POWERLESS against these creatures, in the past they trick some of our leaders (US Presidents) into believing that they are from distance star system, no my friends, they are DEMONS. I think that was a big mistake and the world is presently paying for it. Things outside of man's understanding should be verified with God first before proceeding to accept them at their words. It happened into the garden of Eden and it repeated it self in the GREAT USA. Human life means nothing to these BEASTS.

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The Truth is that no one, no country can fight them and win, they are the sons of God, they have fallen from grace, they are immortal and wicked.

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