Customise Cars To Run On Free Energy - Water

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    Sep 05, 2012
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It has been known a long long time ago that cars could run on WATER. A scientist in Jerusalem, Israel had invented the world's first water-run car engine. This very famous invention did nor receive much attention back then because of course this would have had a devastating effect on the OIL companies, possibly forcing them to close down operations worldwide. This also spelt mass unemployment and or redundancies for these OIL workers. This invention was of course was totally ignored by the main stake holders of these companies.

Looking back, much has changed in our world, The demand for OIL has now sky rocketed which sparked an eternal war that is currently being fought in the Middle East, because most first world country's civilization are under threat which was born out of a fear. The fear is that whosoever controls OIL will rule the world eventually. Therefore OIL is more precious than Silver, Gold, Diamond or Pearl.

Oil prices presently are so high that it is raking havoc in many first world countries. Many are now unable to main the lifeblood of certain vital industries like the POWER companies that heavily depends on Oil to run its gas turbine generators, and not to mention the Motor Vehicle Industries. This situation is getting rather grim especially for third world countries that look towards first world countries to supply them with this precious commodity.

Lot of businesses have closed their doors permanently because they just cannot keep up with the rising cost of energy/electricity. These new and advancing technologies have added an enormous burden upon the world's economy by significantly increasing the amount of power that is being consumed on a daily basis to run them. All factors of production are being affected.

From an electrical engineer perspective, the power used by the state of the art technologies should be worked out first before these technology are put into motion, by these manufacturers. New and emerging technology should run off their own energy or use built in solar cells.

With all that was said, now there is a serious need to change the way that the motor vehicle industries having been managed over the past. There is no denial that the world is in CRISIS. Now is the time for FREE Energy.

Recently a man in the USA have found a way of converting his petroleum run car engine into one that runs only on WATER. He is presently seeking the patent for his invention. I cant wait to see the outcome.

Can you imagine a world that is run only on FREE ENERGY .........that would be wonderful.

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Cars can be converted ONLY to run on Water...NOT Surprising at ALL.

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