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    Sep 05, 2012
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The BEST way to manage your finances is to construct a REALISTIC budget. A budget can be used to determine your actual savings, anticipate future investments and other financial plan therefore EVERYONE should try and prepare a budget because it is a true guide on how to spend your MONEY.

In today's world most of our societies are financial slaves to satisfying there WANTS instead of their NEEDS. People are so easily distracted by newest technology, apparels, fashion trends, high profile lifestyles and entertainment that they forget ALL about their NEEDS. Whenever your wants exceeds your needs then you will find yourself in a financial CRISIS. Never put your hat where you cannot reach it. Sadly this is happening all around us; its no wonder why there are so many financial crimes especially white collar crimes being committed in our privately owned financial institutions and government run institution alike.

Most people fail to plan therefore they plan to fail. Most persons who are considered RICH were not born that way at first, surprisingly they had to struggle to make ends meet with strong determination and a prayer in order to keep their faith alive with a clear vision of their goal for ahead. Later on they call on these same values to promote themselves to a much higher level in life. Don't forget that GOD must be at the center of it all.

People don't allow ADVERTISEMENTS, PARTIES, APPARELS, GAMING, CREDIT CARDS, EXPENSIVE FRIENDS, etc. to cram your best judgment on how to live your life, remember that when your money is finished then you will find that you were always ALONE. When you are broke all but your true friend will dessert you.

Most men are pound wise and penny foolish that's why most men are always broke. They believe in the BIG money and NOT the SMALL ones. In other word they only knows how to spend the big money they do not know how to spend the small money. On the other hand women in the past weren't used to getting big monies so they could only budget smaller amounts, but it make them into excellent savers and money spenders.

Most women are hardly ever broke because they don't have to worry about getting big monies they know how to spend the little that they have. There is a saying that goes like this, " It is not how much that you earn but it is want you do with it that count".

Most banks are extremely wealthy from only the coins which they receive as interest and not from the big paper notes that they lend. The same can be said with stocks and bonds. If you knew how to manage your coins you would never have to spend your dollars.

Presently, most countries are spending more than what they can afford to all because of this so call technological advancement era that sends the world now into a financial frenzy for no reason. Every country now wants to out do each other and in doing so, they are seriously destroying much needed resources for its own survival. It like cutting off your nose to spite your face. LEADERS you need to WAKE UP. Let us reason, If your country cannot afford a certain type of much needed technology then you will have to either pray about it , work towards it, ask for a donation or device an income generating project in order to acquire it. They do not have to accept bribes or meddle into corrupt practices in order to acquire it. It just share nonsense. Is it worth it, while your people suffer.

The great King Salomon once said and I quote, " A leader that accepts bribes will be overthrown but a leader that stands up for law and order will be established". A virtuous woman once told me that , she could have gone astray like all those other women; by their own selfish lust have committed all manner of sex crimes against their marriage vow, all in the name of VANITY. She however beg to differ because she went on saying that the reason why her marriage is still strong and prosperous is because she learn how to SATISFY with the little that her husband gave her. She actually multiplied it and in turn gave back some of what she was given.

Women you must learn to satisfy with the little that you have been given and try and multiply it that you can give a little to someone else in return and Men you should try to be more penny wise and more pound foolish.

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Women you must learn to satisfy with the little that you have been given and try and multiply it that you can give a little to someone else in return and Men you should try to be more penny wise and more pound foolish.

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