One Minute Word Sense: Introduction

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    Sep 05, 2012
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So, I thought of writing a short journal about some of the wandering moments I'm seriously caught in. Can you give a word that evokes a strong idea, feeling, or thought?Have you been obsessed with an idea,concept,belief, or new learning? Take for example, RESPONSIBLE. By now, your brain can produce a lot of words to define the adjective. You can even put operational meaning to the word. But, you miss the deeper sense of the word when you have not been a responsible person to anybody, or the significant others. Don't you think?

You are a responsible son or daughter, student, or friend. This small circle may be the area where you seek to please the members, by following the written and unwritten rules, and avoiding instances that are likely to disappoint anybody. As you grow older, that circle ripples to the farther limits of our society- to the open field of a larger body of people. Anybody who joins in the process of grouping and identifying with a group becomes a socially stable person.Your actions and behaviors become more defined to suit the group you are in.You take part in the activities of a bigger group- for project, sportsfest, intramurals,community outreach, or your clubs. You see, it starts out by being able to connect socially. You won't feel the urgency to be keeping your promises, if you don't mind the other person. You won't need to be a good informant unless you can pamper your self-esteem out of the trust you gain from a bigger person. You may not be able to do some self-sacrifice not unless you immerse yourself in these circles whose companionship and relationship may prove some vital enhancers to your self-worth and self-esteem. I believe these are vitamins without which, your mind may soon get sick.

By being responsible, you are accountable to your own actions, how it will place other people with the kind of action you take, and you are better able to do that when you are sensitive to the situation and you have been right in the context for quite some time. It is responsibility that makes you a sane person worthy of trust by somebody. Friends come and go but in building a long-lasting friendships there is a need to extend yourself into the circle. How? It's not enough that you create your desired place and setting of friendship, you have to adopt with the growing demands that come from different people of varied social backgrounds. (I'm easily knocked out on this, because God designed me to be an introverted, contemplative person I'm sure anybody could identify with. But, I believe God is working healthily through this side of me and maybe, yours too.

Are you responsible enough to ask God for you to learn the hard lesson, before you pray for God to restore your physical, emotional or financial status quo? For me, it's one of the most critical and most challenging lesson of responsibility. To ask God do His will in your life will not in anyway show up whichever circle you have those giveaway tickets to self-confidence that comes as product of doing an act of responsibility.

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