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    Sep 05, 2012
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What is CANCER?, it is said to be caused from a virus, a plague, a condition and or it's a product of UNHEALTHY lifestyle/living. I believe it is ALL of the above. Notwithstanding the fact that our UNHEALTHY eating habits and POLLUTION within our surrounding environments.
What makes CANCER so complex and hard to treat? IT is because for most of our lives, we are bombarded with chemical pollutants of all kinds, especially those in our the Foods, Drinking Water and the Air that we breathe in. These conditions are ever so present in MOST Industrialized countries around the world with the EXCEPTION of a few, most noticeable, China.
China is the world's largest producer of rubber and plastic items, however their population is still able to remain healthy inspite of the innumerable amount of factories that they possess. They hardly ever complain about cancer illnesses when compared to the US and Europe. The question is WHY ?
Personally, the problem within the US and EUROPE is not the factories or products that they make but it stems from the profitability of prescription drugs as opposed to inexpensive traditional herbal remedies. In other words, pharmaceutical companies wants to bite off more than they can chew (greedy). These companies literally drop their hands on herbal remedies because these remedies are too good and inexpensive.
As opposed to the manufactured drugs that have proven time and time again to be highly toxic therefore very harmful to human beings. These drugs carry a very high price tag, the reality is, unless you have a very good health care scheme or health care provider you are gonna suffer and die.
People, It is all about the money that these people make; they just don't care about us. People are literally dying everyday only because they cannot or could not afford the drug that might have put a new leash on their lives. You will never be healthy and well.
People when are you gonna learn? STOP being so much dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Your body literally finds them very repulsive and disgusting because they are not organic/natural. In China their everyday diet are very high in herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and water. They hardly ever prepare a meals with powdered seasoning, artificial flavorings, salts and sugars. these people walk a lot and ride bicycles.
On the other hand American and Europeans alike hardly prepare a balance meal. Their meals are heavy laden with FATS, OILS, SUGARS, SALTS, POWDER SEASONING, ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING, and so on. These people literally go to work everyday sits at the office desk for several hours, at school or at home it is the same; they are literally glued to their seats in front of a computer monitor or the television all day long. Do you see the problem? Lack of exercise and poor blood circulation;hardly ever exercise and or walk. They prefer to drive instead.
The truth, it is not that hard to prevent cancer just follow these few steps every day and you'll see a significant difference in your life.

  • Prepare meals with natural/organic seasoning more than artificial ones they are less toxic.
  • Eat a balance diet everyday to balance the ph of your blood
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out the system.
  • Exercise daily by walking or join a gym in order to improve your metabolism.
  • Take a vacation at least twice yearly into the country side to get fresh in take of oxygen
  • Detoxify your self every night with a pure glass of lime/lemon juice mixed with baking soda
  • Visit the doctor twice yearly for a checkup
  • limit unhealthy lifestyle by sticking to only one sex partner; practice good healthy hygiene.
  • Avoid cigarettes, ganja, cocaine, sodas, alcohol and so on they are highly toxic
  • Maintain a good spirit-filled life, it helps to reduces stress therefore decrease toxins in your body
  • Use mainly herbal remedies for illnesses as opposed to pharmaceutical drugs
  • Purchase an herbal book, use it to further edify yourself

The aim people is to convert your highly toxic body (acidic) back to its natural state, which is alkaline. You see, bacteria, viruses, germs all love acid, they will never go away just as long as we keep giving them acidic foods (Sweets, Pastry, Fatty foods, Junk foods, Sodas, White flour, white rice, Red peas etc... You should strive to eat mainly alkaline foods (green leafy vegetables, fruits, brown rice and flour, nuts, cocunut products, herbs, alkaline water, etc..) these are much better for you in the fight of your cancer.
So try the abovementioned steps and you might not have to worry about cancers ever again.

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