Tips on Choosing the Best Whey Protein For Your Needs

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    Nov 21, 2012
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Whey protein is often the staple of every bodybuilder and athlete. Any exercise like high intensity interval training (HIIT)can put great stress on the muscles, so using the best whey protein on the market will include the specific nutrients that your body requires to heal.

Whey protein supplements can support the goals of any individual who wants to slim down, bulk up, or maintain their current weight. There are thousands of whey protein powders in a variety of flavours, or unflavoured for those who prefer a plain shake. Cheap whey protein powder is not always the best way to support the body in any muscle gain programme.

The Best Whey Protein Products Contain Amino Acids

A good whey protein product will contain all nine essential amino acids which include:

1. Threonine to aid and improve digestion
2. Phenylalanine to support effective functioning of the thyroid gland
3. Leucine to regulate nerve stimulation and boost energy
4. Lysine which protects against aging
5. Tryptophan to improve hair and skin growth
6. Valine to coordinate muscle and brain functions
7. Histidine to improve nerve and hearing functions
8 Methionine to cleanse the kidneys and liver
9. Isoleucine to encourage muscle growth

The body does not produce them naturally, so they are necessary to gain through the diet or via whey protein supplements.Amino acids heal and repair muscle cells, and the best whey protein products will always contain essential and non-essential amino acids.

Another good way to discover whether you are buying the best whey protein for your needs is to read the reviews of the chosen product. Do not always opt for the cheapest whey protein. Look at the ingredients and compare the benefits of each to discover the best value whey protein.

The best whey protein for weight loss will include less than 150 calories in every serving. Whey protein is available unflavoured, so it can be added to water, juice or milk, or there are a variety of flavours, including chocolate whey protein for the athlete or bodybuilder with a sweet tooth.

How to Discover the Best Whey Protein

Does the whey protein contain useful ingredients, including quality protein per serving, limited sugar and sweeteners, and no nasty fillers? Try to find a product that contains only basic ingredients, and always trust your instinct. Even the most elite whey protein isolates may still only provide the same ingredients as a protein powder half its price. Cheap protein powders are not always the best, but this doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds on a quality product. Always read the instructions on the tub, since it may indicate that you have to follow specific instructions for best effects. Some protein powders are lower in calories than others, but this is dependent on whether you want to maintain muscle mass, or encourage muscle growth.

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