Interesting Facts about IPL Part 2

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    Apr 23, 2013
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Interesting Facts about IPL Part 2 Photo by Ram Kausik

What sets the Indian Premiere League apart from the rest of the tournaments and competitions? Without a doubt it is the commercial aspect surrounding the whole shindig. This is the Board of Control of cricket in India’ million dollar brain child that has revolutionized the way the world looks at the game of cricket. It is more than nine teams fighting each other. It is the cutting edge; the penultimate creative concept. It is pure entertainment. And we are not talking about the thrill of watching a sporting event unfold but it is also the fragrance that emanates from a potpourri of the famous personnel and celebrities from all walks of life. Industrialist, socialites, movie star, cricketers and gorgeous cheerleaders make up for unadulterated (maybe a little ‘adultery’ is involved) fun. Below are some more interesting facts about the Indian Premier League:

• It is the first event ever to be broadcasted live on the You tube in the year 2010.

• The night that the western musical legend- Pit Bull performed saw one of the biggest turnover ever.

• The Chennai Super Kings or better known as the ‘CSK’ have secured the highest number of runs by a team in a tournament with an eye popping tally of twelve thousand seven hundred and thirty six runs accumulated at an average of thirty per  wicket.

• It needs to acknowledged here that the tournament run average would be marked somewhere between twenty five to twenty six.

• The Mumbai Indians have been regarded as the most economical run getters with a figure of 7.34 runs an over.

• Virender Sehwag (Delhi) became the first player to score 4 consecutive fifty in Indian Premier League (IPL) history.

• Lasith Malinga  became the first player to be responsible for not one but two ‘golden ducks’ in a match.

• During the Indian Premier Leagues’ inaugural season in the year 2008, only one team had a non Indian captain- the Rajasthan Royals.

• This is something everyone should be aware of: the organizers of the Indian Premier League tournament in the BCCI.

• According to the Mumbai Indians news and snippets of information, Sanath Jaysuriya while playing for the respective team scored the highest number of sixes with thirty one to his credit.

• IPL news can be followed regularly and even as it happens by logging on to some particular cricket related websites.

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