Mix Protein Powders With Power Lifting For Muscle Gains

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    Dec 05, 2012
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Whey protein powder is an effective product to consume during any explosive training; like power lifting for example. The exercises include the barbell bench press, barbell squat and the barbell dead lift. Each of these moves, when performed consistently, can build all over muscle mass.

Power lifts focus on one rep max during competitions. The winner is the one who has the highest combined weight lifted, rather than the repetitions performed. Before any type of explosive training, it is important to fuel the body with a whey protein drink or whey protein bars. The more weight lifted or squatted, the bigger the increase in muscle mass. Power lifting can shorten a workout, but it is important to use good posture to prevent injury.

Compound Lifts Encourage Muscle Strength

The bench press, dead lift and squat are known as compound lifts. They use several of the largest muscle groups, encourage muscular adaptations and stimulate the central nervous system. For weight and power lifters who want to gain significant muscle mass and strength, all three lifts require focus and must take top priority on a strength gain programme.

The Dead Lift Payoff

This compound lift trains the muscles at the back of the body, the quads, and the core abdominals. A heavy weight is used to build explosive strength and muscle mass in the whole body. Keep the feet shoulder width apart, slightly outward, and in the centre of the bar. Keeping the back straight, bend the knees slightly, and grip the bar several inches wider than your feet. Pull the weight up by pushing the hips forward and pull it up to the shins. Slowly lower to perform one repetition. Beginners to weight training must not use a weight that is too heavy, for risk of injury.

Build All Over Muscle Mass With the Squat

The squat is one of the most effective weight lifting exercises. It can be performed with or without weights, and each method will build muscle mass. Keep the feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly pointed outward. Do not rest the weight directly on the neck or shoulders, but the fleshy part of the shoulders. Your heels will take the weight of the squat, the abdominals must be tensed, and the lower back concave. Aim to squat down and keep the thighs parallel with the floor. If the back starts to round, the squat is too low.

Bench Press Targets the Pectorals

This compound exercise builds explosive arm power, strengthens the shoulders and develops the pectoral muscle. However, if this exercise is performed incorrectly, it may result in a shoulder injury. Sink your back into the bench and keep the shoulders back away from the ears. Hold the weight several inches wider than shoulder width apart. The upper arms remain 45 degrees in line with the body. From the chest press the bar up quickly to maintain correct form. Focus on bringing the shoulder blades together with each repetition. Remember to keep your feet on the floor during the exercise, to prevent injury.

Power lifting is an effective way to build lean muscle mass, but remember to refuel sore muscles with protein powders.

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