Easy Ways to Add Lean Muscle Mass

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    Dec 06, 2012
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There is so much advice available today on how to lose weight, from low calorie diets to juice fasting. This information can be confusing for anyone desiring to lose weight over the long term. One beneficial way to lose weight is to add muscle lean muscle mass. Because muscle mass weighs more than fat, there may be no changes on the scales, but the difference will be visible in how your clothes fit.

Adding lean muscle results in a higher resting metabolic rate, a lower fat percentage and a toned physique. However, people with a very high metabolism and lean physique may struggle to add lean muscle mass.

This is where whey protein shakes and bars can help. In order to gain muscle, rather than fat, it is important to consume high protein foods. Whey protein supplements are easily digestible, filling and support any weight-training programme. To learn more about the product in question, why not read whey protein reviews to discover which will be the best product to help you achieve your goals. Building lean muscle mass is not an overnight process; it requires determination, patience and focus.

Good Protein Sources

Weight training is an effective way to add lean muscle mass, but it is important that the body receives enough fuel before, during and after a workout. Good protein sources include nuts, lentils, pulses, cheese, yoghurt, chicken, fish, steak, milk and eggs.

When the microscopic tears occur in muscle tissue, it is important to fuel the body with easily digestible whey protein shakes or bars. Remember to work out the whole body, rather than just focus on the abdominals, back, arms and chest. The largest muscles in the body are the legs, so use squats to build lean muscle mass.

Eat more calories than the body burns off, and on the days when you eat more calories, perform weight training to encourage the growth of lean muscle tissue. Whey protein bars are an effective energy source to consume before a workout and a protein shake can be drank afterward to help the muscles heal and repair.

Rest Equals Gain

Weight training is incredibly taxing on the body. If the body has not received sufficient protein, you may be prone to fatigue. Remember to drink lots of fluid and drink whey protein shakes before and after a workout. Take a rest from exercise every two days, and aim for a maximum four workouts per week.

There are many supplements that can encourage weight gain, but the best whey protein for building muscle will contain a blend of essential amino acids, which is what the body requires to heal and repair the microscopic tears that occur in muscle tissue after lifting weights.

Drink whey protein shakes regularly on the days that you weight train to encourage the growth and repair of lean muscle tissue.

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