The Top 4 Donts of Muscle Building

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    Feb 08, 2013
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Everyone knows about what you must do when it comes to building muscles, but when it comes to what not to do, there’s a lot less information out there and a lot of it is conflicting. Some people say drink whey protein shakes; some people say don’t bother while others say instead just take something else. Other people say to do so many reps of such and such an exercise but the truth is that these little details are yours to work out.

You should figure out for yourself what you need to work on but there are some universal ‘do not do that’ tips.

Don’t Forget the Basics

It may seem simple enough but forgetting about the basics is one of the most common mistakes made by amateur body builders. Instead of doing squats and deadlifts, some choose to embark on isolation exercises such as leg extensions. These exercises are all well and good but they don’t come close to the basics when it comes to a good workout. Bench presses not only work on a lot of muscles at once but they allow you to lift bigger weights too.

Don’t Eat that Chocolate Bar

Sugar is a killer when it comes to working out. The sugar rush fools your body into thinking it’s full, meaning you leave those high protein and high carbohydrate foods behind. If you really have a chocolate craving, go for a chocolate flavoured whey protein shake instead: the taste is good and it provides you with what you need not what you crave.

Don’t Stay Out Late Before a Session

Sleep: we all need it and when you’re on a muscle building program you need plenty of it. The most important thing to do when working out is to get enough rest and sleep falls under that category. If you are tired when working out, your body will not be able to do as much as it could otherwise have: the workout will be far less effective than if you are fully refreshed and ready to take on the day. It doesn’t matter how many shakes you drink, those muscles will not grow if you’re not giving them enough time to rest and recuperate.

Don’t Over Supplement

As before, some people recommend all sorts of supplements to take when you are working out. Things like glutamine and even greens supplements – a replacement for eating vegetables – are mooted. Most people agree however, that when it comes to the best workout, there are only two supplements you really need to worry about: whey protein shakes and creatine.

The best protein powders allow you to receive all the protein your body needs when working out, while the creatine will simply allow you to lift more weights by replenishing your body’s store of creatine phosphate, which the muscles use when contracting.

The best workouts are based upon simplicity, not complexity, so just keep it easy and you’ll see great results. Get hold of some good quality whey protein shakes as well as a good night’s sleep and you’ll be putting on muscle mass in no time.

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