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    Jan 30, 2013
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"All work and no play make Jack a very dull boy.” It seems like Chris Gayle is a staunch believer in this principle. May be, that is why after the West Indies won the match on Thursday, that put them a step closer to the finals of T20, Gayle decide to let his long braided hair down by partying hard after the win. But what started out as a way to let off some steam, ended with the Sri Lankan police arresting three British women from his hotel room at the luxury Cinnamon Grand hotel in Colombo. The girls were released after further clarification and an apology from the West Indian team management regarding the mishap.   

Though the confusion has been chalked up to the players refusing to sign in the girls as their room guests, the actual incident, that caused the police to react in such a manner, still remains a mystery. Gayle seemed to be in a party mood throughout the series. Even on field, during the game, he had busted a little dance routine from the popular Korean pop song “Gangnam style”. On Monday, the West Indies Cricket team had beaten the New Zealand team to get to the semifinals. If rumors and some discriminating pictures posted on Chris  Gayle’s twitter account are to be believed, then Gayle and the team had partied hard that night as well. The hotel management believes that the police are over reacting to the issue at hand. Even the International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption wing has expressed that they will be looking in to the matter as well.   

This is not the first time a controversy has been associated with the Jamaican cricketer. He had previously come under fire for spilling way too much information about his coach and painting him in a bad light in the process.  Chris Gayle had finished the year 2012 with a very disappointing performance in a tough match at the Australian Big Bash League. After a very small vacation at his native, Jamaica, the player was back, completely rejuvenated, to score an amazing 122 runs of 61 balls at the final of the playoffs against Guyana team. Besides the century against Guyana, he also contributed around a record twelve sixes. Chris Gayle profile is a very impressive one.  His calm and cool attitude goes side by side to his on field, hot and power packed execution. 

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