Rules And Behavior To Observe When In A Shooting Range

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    Dec 12, 2013
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Rules And Behavior To Observe When In A Shooting Range Photo by Monika Sajtlavova

Rules And Behavior To Observe When In A Shooting Range

Shooting ranges are fun, aren’t they? Well, they can be fun, but they are equally dangerous. This is due to the presence of guns. Since you will be coming into contact with guns, you risk your life by being in a shooting range. Due to the danger involved, there are rules that have been formulated. The rules are meant to ensure that the rangers and shooters are safe in the shooting ranges. The rules include:

Range offers are supreme—respect them

When in the shooting range, the most supreme person is the range officer. All range officers are highly trained individuals with years of experience. Due this, the officers are usually easy to identify a problem and take the necessary action. When in the range, you should always listen to what the range officer tells you. If the officer tells you to cease fire, you should do so immediately, put your gun on the bench and move away from it. Even after the range officer has solved any problems that might have been there, you should not resume shooting until the officer instructs you to do so.

Follow gun rules religiously

Guns are dangers to be with. This is the reason why they have rules which must be followed. Some of the rules that must be followed include: always keep your gun unloaded whenever you are not using it. Keeping your gun unloaded ensures that you don’t shoot at anything or anyone unintentionally. Another rule is that you  should observe is to always ensure that your finger is not on the trigger—even if the gun is unloaded. According to the rules, you should place your finger on the trigger only when you are already pointing your gun at the target. You should always ensure that the muzzle of you gun is pointing at a safe direction—the safe direction should be away from people and things that you don’t intend to shoot.

Commonsense is paramount in a shooting range

You can be assured of your safety in a shooting range by simply exercising some commonsense. For example, you should not tap on the shoulders of shooters when they are about to shoot. This is because you can make the shooters injure themselves or injure you in the process. Another thing that you should not do is to move forward of the firing range when shooting is going on. Doing this will not only make you look crazy, but you can also die.

Clean shooting station once done

Once you are through with your shooting, you should remove ammunition packages, shell casings, old targets and any other trash that may have resulted after shooting. Most of the shooting ranges provide cans to put the trash once you are done.
These are just a few rules and safety instructions on behavior one should be very conscious of when you make use of a shooting range in Estonia. These rules are also applicable at any other professional shooting range anywhere in the world.

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