When Penis Pain Rears its Head - Figuring Out the Cause

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    Sep 06, 2013
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When Penis Pain Rears its Head - Figuring Out the Cause Photo by John Dugan

Nobody likes to be in any sort of pain, but there are certain pains that just hurt more than others. Below the belt pain is one of those special pains that can make a grown man cry and drop to his knees in an instant. With so many potential causes and contributing factors, it can be hard to know what is really going on down there. It can be confusing, at times, to know if the pain warrants a trip to the doctor or if a guy just needs to sit on an ice pack for a while. There are a few questions to ask when self-diagnosing penis pain, learn more about them here, as well as how to maintain a healthy penis.

  • What hurts? When a child is hurt, the first question his mother asks is, "Where does it hurt?" A doctor is likely to ask the same question, as pinpointing the pain is key to identifying the cause. To help describe the pain, consider the following descriptors: Is the pain internal or external? Throbbing or sharp? Specifically in one spot, or generalized throughout the area? Dull and achy, or sharp and painful? Is the pain constant, or does it come and go?
  • When does it hurt? Being specific about when it hurts and for how long can also help determine what is going on. Does the penis only hurt during erections? If so, priapism - or prolonged, painful erection, could be the cause, in which case treatment is urgently needed. Does only the foreskin area hurt during erection? If so, this could indicate phimosis, which occurs when the foreskin does not fully retract. Is the pain only there when urinating, as in the case of a bladder infection or STI? Or is the generalized pain only present when lifting or moving, as in a hernia?
  • What other symptoms are present? Is the pain accompanied by fever, nausea or a burning sensation while urinating? Are there open sores, lumps, bumps, or lesions on the penis? If additional symptoms are present, it is possible that an infection or other illness is present, such as an STI, kidney stones, or bladder infection. If no other symptoms are present, has there been a recent trauma or explanation for the penis pain, or was it sudden onset?
  • Are there reasons to believe an STI is present? Any man coming in with open sores on the Johnson and burning during urination is likely to be screened for sexually transmitted infections. The doctor will probably ask questions about recent sexual history, so men should think things over before the appointment. Considering one’s recent sexual exploits may suddenly make the reason for the pain much more apparent. Have there recently been multiple sexual partners, or new partners? Is there reason to suspect a partner has been exposed to an STI? Did any unprotected sex occur in the last month or so? A doctor will likely ask these types of questions and more to assess a man’s risk of exposure.

Maintaining optimal penis health

Any man who has experienced penis pain will go to great lengths to avoid having a recurrence of the situation in the future. Luckily, there are a few easy steps a man can take to keep the penis healthy. First and foremost, always wear a condom to protect against exposure to STI’s and unwanted pregnancy. The next best thing a man can do for the everyday health of his penis is to maintain excellent hygiene. Due to the warm, moist conditions of the penis, it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. An unclean penis - especially one with the foreskin intact - is at a higher risk for a UTI or bladder infection, as bacteria can make its way up the urethra.

Adding a penis health formula (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to the daily hygiene routine can also help maintain the health of the penis. Choosing a formula containing vitamin A - known to have antibacterial properties - can help the penis stay shower fresh all day long by fighting bacteria at the source. A penis lotion may not only improve the health of the penis; it can also hydrate the penis to keep it smooth, supple, and touchable, and what man doesn’t want that?

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