Penis Sensitivity Products to Avoid Beware the Dangers of Alpha Hydroxy Acid

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    Oct 21, 2013
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Penis Sensitivity Products to Avoid Beware the Dangers of Alpha Hydroxy Acid Photo by John Dugan

Very few products come with an explicit sign that says, "Not for use on the penis." In general, most manufacturers expect that consumers will be prudent when choosing products for their delicate bits. Men with low penis sensitivity levels might be so desperate for a solution, however, that they throw all caution to the wind. Some of these men use wrinkle creams that contain alpha hydroxy acid in the hopes that they can restore sensations long lost. As these men quickly discover, this isn't the best product for penis health promotion.

Power in a Bottle

Alpha hydroxy acid is a wrinkle-hater's secret weapon. A product containing this ingredient can exfoliate dead skin cells, allowing them to flake and blow away so the smoother, younger skin that lies beneath is revealed. These products don't alter how the skin functions, and they can't promote how quickly skin cells grow, but they can help the skin to seem just a little softer and smoother.

All of these benefits might sound wonderful, but there is a down side, as these products can also come with a host of nasty side effects, including:

1. Peeling skin

2. A burning sensation

3. Increased sensitivity to the sun

4. Itching

5. Redness

These sorts of side effects are most prevalent in products that have the highest concentration of alpha hydroxy acid, but unfortunately, manufacturers aren't required to disclose this figure on the packaging of the product. People with faces lined with wrinkles might be willing to roll the dice and take the risk, but they might also be placing the product on toughened skin that's designed to take a certain amount of abuse. As a result, they may not feel the damage that's being done.

On the other hand, it is important to be aware of ingredients that can cause pain and peeling, especially before putting them on the penis; men should be leery of using something of unknown strength when the very symbol of their manhood is on the line.

Understanding the Urge

Men who think about using such products are, in most cases, not trying to be sadistic. They might not even be looking for a boost in the appearance of the little Johnson down below. Instead, they hope that they can boost sensitivity rates by scraping off dead cells that blunt the action of the nerve tissue that lines the penis.

In theory, this is a good idea. Dead skin can work like a cap on the penis, deflecting the action of soft and simple touches. But scraping off these cells can, at times, cause scar tissue to form, and that toughened tissue can also block pleasurable sensations. Additionally, alpha hydroxy products don't support the health of the nerves that line the penis. Some causes of insensitivity stem from a lack of nourishment and support of these nerve cells, and all the chemical peels in the world won't help that to ease.

A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), on the other hand, might be ideal for a man's sensitivity plans. These products contain ingredients that will actually nourish skin cells, so they'll have the ammunition they need to knit together and turn over properly. The vitamins can also help to support nervous cells, so a man's inner workings will function as well as his outer parts. Applying these products is also pleasant, with no burning and stinging required, and there's no girly smell left behind. All around, this is a better choice, when it comes to penis sensitivity loss.

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