Penis Health 5 Things Parents Said That Are Totally Wrong

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    Nov 25, 2013
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Penis Health 5 Things Parents Said That Are Totally Wrong Photo by John Dugan

Moms don't have penises of their own to care for, and much of the information they pass down to their sons concerning penis care could be out of date or just inaccurate. These five mom (or dad) phrases, in particular, could be detrimental to penis health.

1. "Scrubbing is required for ideal health."

Dirty fingers and toes benefit from a scrub with a washcloth, as the deep cracks and creases in these appendages can trap dirt and bacteria. Using a scrubbing motion makes the skin sparkle with cleanliness, but attacking the penis with the same technique could lead to disaster.

The skin that lines the penis is fragile, and subtle wounds inflicted with a washcloth can lead to bumpy scar tissue that blunts the sensation of pleasure. With too much scrubbing, men may find that they can feel just a little less. Gentle techniques involving little more than massage don't cause this kind of damage.

2. "Soap is a must for sparkling cleanliness."

Using harsh soaps on delicate tissues can lead to swelling, pain and redness. Soap can also disturb the skin's pH, which might lead to a flourishing colony of bacteria. Even though the penis can be home to all sorts of odiferous substances, a rinse in a stream of water in the shower is usually enough to wash the offenders away.

3. "Touching is bad, and can lead to all sorts of health problems."

Exploration is a normal part of childhood, and many boys take this opportunity to get to know their penile tissues intimately. Boys who wank in public might be told, repeatedly, that the behavior should be saved for private moments, but some might even be told that masturbation can lead to:

  • Hair growth on the palms
  • Blindness
  • Impotence
  • Mental illness
  • Acne

In reality, masturbation can help men to burn off a little tension, and men who get frisky on a regular basis may even come to know their own bodies to such a degree that they can help their future lovers to touch them without hurting them. It's not a great idea for men to get busy in public, but spending a moderate amount of time on the activity alone and in private might be an excellent way to boost penis health.

4. "A regular doctor can help with almost any penis problem."

Moms who grow anxious about some facet of a child's intimate parts might whip that child in to see a pediatrician. Growing up under this regime might mean leaning on a regular doctor when an adult problem rears its ugly head in the vicinity of a man's lap.

While some doctors can handle any kind of intimate problem, some doctors just don't have the expertise to either diagnose or treat a serious penis-related health problem. Those issues involving urination, for example, might best be handled by a urologist, rather than a doctor of internal medicine.

5. "No lotions or potions are needed for ideal penis health."

After cleaning kids in the tub and helping them dry off and get dressed once more, few moms have the energy to discuss additional hygiene products, including lotions that could support penis health. Men who grow up in a home like this might believe that they don't even need a penis health creme, simply because their mothers never introduced a product like this during early bath times.

In reality, a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could play a vital role in the health of almost any man. These products are specifically designed to nourish and support all of the nerves, blood vessels and delicate tissues that line the penis, and a daily application could provide a man with just the right mix of ingredients to keep his penis both healthy and functional for decades to come. No matter what mom might say, this product is a must for most men.

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