Circumcised Penis Care - Easier Than Ever with These 3 Simple Habits

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    Mar 11, 2014
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Circumcised Penis Care - Easier Than Ever with These 3 Simple Habits Photo by John Dugan

Let's face it: the average guy may spend more time caring for his car than he will caring for his body - especially his penis. But lack of attention to this important aspect of hygiene could result in a sore, smelly penis that can’t hold up during intimate play. Cleaning up is a vital part of a proper penis care program, meaning that every guy out there needs to make it part of their daily routine. Those dudes who have been circumcised have the advantage here, as their cleanup sessions can be remarkably quick and reasonably hassle-free. Including these three simple habits as part of an overall personal care routine can leave the penis looking and feeling its best.

Number 1: Banishing the Bad

Improper cleaning habits and their consequences can make some men resistant to the idea of cleaning up. Removing a few inappropriate personal care products and replacing them with more helpful alternatives that are designed with the delicate penile tissue in mind can take the pain and discomfort out of cleaning up.

For instance, products that contain fragrances, alcohol or other harsh chemicals may make the package smell fresh, but they can also be intensely irritating. While it's true that circumcision removes a significant amount of that skin, and that cut dudes often have a few calluses that protect them from the sting a harsh cleanser can bring, they're still not ideal products to use down there.

Similarly, any product that claims to "exfoliate" or "scrub" could do subtle damage to the sensory cells a man depends upon for pleasure. Scrubbing away at delicate skin could mean shearing off layers of tissue. This rough treatment causes the skin to respond by forming a thicker layer of dermal tissue that is far less sensitive to touch, leading to a loss of penile sensation over time. Even washcloths can do a considerable amount of damage if they're applied to sensitive skin in a scrubbing motion. Omitting body scrubs and exfoliants and using a gentle cleanser could reduce the amount of damage a man might do in the shower.

Number 2: Prepping for the Good

A cleansing routine shouldn't take more than a few moments to complete, and the steps are remarkably easy to follow:

1. In the shower or bath, rinse the penis with warm water - hot water is not recommended, as it tends to leech the body’s natural lubricating oils from the skin, leaving it feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable.

2. Use the tips of the fingers, rather than a washcloth, to wipe away any grime, dead skin cells, and other material. While water is generally all that is needed, a gentle, hypoallergenic cleanser may be used.

3. Rinse the skin thoroughly, making sure that all traces of cleanser are removed.

4. Pat the skin dry with a soft towel. Make sure the area is completely dry before dressing, as damp skin that is tucked away in clothing can become a haven for fungal spores that can cause nasty infections.

Number 3: Going the Extra Mile

When that penis is glistening with cleanliness, and the pores of the skin are slightly open due to the heat of the bathing process, it's an ideal time to apply a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A crème like this can lock in the moisture of the bath, leaving the skin soft, plump and hydrated. Meanwhile, a crème that is enriched with targeted vitamins and minerals can work down through the outer layers of the skin, carrying the nutrients these cells need in order to function properly. The crème will keep working throughout the day. Skin that is soft and well-moisturized is less prone to infection, as well as the formation of the callused layer that is so resistant to sensory pleasure.

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