Exercising Penis Safety while Manscaping - How Close to Shave?

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    Apr 11, 2014
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Exercising Penis Safety while Manscaping - How Close to Shave? Photo by John Dugan

The manscaped penis has come into its own in recent years; it's no longer just adult film stars who show off the results of expert pubic shaving, whether in full view at the gym or in private showings in the confines of their own bedrooms. However, those who have not attempted manscaping may have concerns about how best to proceed. That's understandable: when wielding any sharp object near the family jewels, attention to appropriate and cautious penis care is highly recommended!

How much to lose?

When determining how much to lose in the pubic shaving experience, it's important to know what a man is looking for so that he can determine his own comfort level. For example:

- Does he want to just "tidy up" his appearance? Sometimes a man looks down at the tangled mess that frames his impressive appendage and thinks his pubic hair is not providing the ideal backdrop for his equipment. In such cases, a fairly moderate trim may be all that he requires.

- Does he want to make his tool appear longer? Some men may have big concerns about the size of their members; they may welcome anything that makes their package appear even a little bit longer. In most men, removing the pubic hair altogether tends to make the penis stand out more, giving the appearance that it is a little longer than it actually is. A full "down-to-the-skin" pubic shaving may be in order here; for the full effect, that should also include shaving the testicles.

- Does he want to avoid zipper snags? Some men, especially those who enjoy going "commando," can get pubic hairs caught in their zippers, which is far from a pleasant experience. In these cases, either a very close shave or a full shave is probably best.

- Does he want to create a work of art? The artistically inclined may want to shave their pubic bushes into a particular shape or figure, in which case a combination of both full shaving of certain areas and close-to-moderate shaving of others may be called for. Some men may also want to create body paintings, either over their entire bodies or using the special shapes of the penis and testicles as their main canvas: full shaving is usually best for the application of the paints.

- Does he have pubic lice? Occasionally, a man may experience chronic or recurring cases of pubic lice; although a close shave may be sufficient, full shaving is more effective for handling this issue.

- Does "itchiness" come into play? Some men find that the presence of pubic hair exacerbates natural itchiness in the crotch. In these cases, a man needs to weigh the options: a trim will help but not eliminate the itchiness factor. On the other hand, a full shave often makes the area itch MORE for a day or two; however, after that, it is far more itch-free than a trim.

- Does "she" want him to? If a man's primary motivator for taking a razor to the groin is to please a partner, he needs to be sure to find out in advance exactly what she will find most attractive - and arousing.

Safety precautions while shaving

However a man chooses to proceed, caution is critical throughout the process. Using a shaver, rather than a razor blade, is highly recommended to avoid traumatic cuts, unless a guy has an especially steady hand. Men should also take care to pull the skin taut while shaving, as even an electric shaver can grab and pinch loose skin. Men with longer hair should trim with scissors, first, to avoid painful pulling.

The fact that a guy is considering a manscaped penis indicates that he has a laudable interest in both the appearance and health of his most valuable tool, and he should make certain that this interest extends to the daily use of a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Penis health can be impacted by regular application of a cream that includes vitamin C, which plays an important role in collagen production and in the continued firmness of the penile tissue. Another essential ingredient for any quality cream: acetyl L carnitine, which can help prevent peripheral penis nerve injury, a common occurrence in the aggressive (if enjoyable) sexual activity that many men encounter during both partner and solo encounters.

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