Painful Urination in Men - Is Penis Infection to Blame?

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    Nov 01, 2013
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Painful Urination in Men - Is Penis Infection to Blame? Photo by John Dugan

For most men, a pain-free tinkle is something that is taken for granted. That is, of course, until a painful urination episode occurs. This condition can leave a man wondering, what are the causes of pain during urination? Is it common in men, or is it something to worry about? When is it cause for concern? All these questions and more are answered below, as well as a few helpful tips for keeping the penis healthy and pain free.

What are some causes of pain during urination?

Anytime a painful or burning sensation occurs during urination, there is something out of the ordinary going on. Painful urination may be related to any of the following conditions:

1. bladder infection;

2. kidney infection;

3. prostatitis;

4. urinary tract infection;

5. urethritis,

6. enlarged prostate;

7. stones;

8. sexually transmitted infection.

How common is it in men?

While it is true that painful urination tends to be less common in men than it is in women, it is not so rare that a man will show up in a textbook if he feels like he is peeing fire. Nearly all men will experience a bout of it at one time or another in their lifetime, though men with chronic prostate or urethra conditions may be more prone to the condition than others.

Is this something to worry about? Is a doctor’s visit necessary?

Painful urination may clear up on its own easily - though it could be an unpleasant few days. If painful urination is accompanied by any of the following symptoms, it is definitely time to high-tail it to the doc: fever, blood in urine, serious back pain, passing of a stone, discharge from penis, or painful urination that persists for more than a day or two. If a sexually transmitted infection is suspected, it is especially important to be checked out, as these are easily transmitted to partners and can have serious side effects if not treated properly.

How is it treated?

That depends on what the doctor determines the cause to be. For an infection, the doc might prescribe antibiotics to clear it up; he may also provide painkillers in instances where the pain is severe. Pain caused by more serious conditions such as prostate issues, obviously, will require a more intensive treatment regimen.

Is there any way to prevent pain during urination from occurring and keep the penis healthy?

Using condoms is a good way to prevent STI’s; changing laundry detergents may also be a solution for men experiencing recurrent infections with no clear cause. Certain foods are associated with bladder irritation, and therefore pain during urination; avoiding these foods may help eliminate the occurrence of painful urination. Reducing or cutting out alcohol, caffeine, tomato products, artificial sweeteners, spicy foods, and acidic food such as citrus fruits may calm the bladder and allow it to heal. Upping one’s intake of water significantly can also help flush toxins from the urinary tract; additionally, cranberry juice can help support a healthy bladder.

Using a daily penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can also aid in the overall health of the penis. Applying a penis lotion, particularly one containing vitamin A, can help prevent the spread of bacteria that is often responsible for infections. Vitamin A has known antibacterial properties, which helps reduce the number of bacteria in the area thereby reducing the chance of infection. To properly use, simply wash the entire genital area with mild soap and water and generously slather on the penis lotion immediately upon exiting the shower. It is as easy as that to protect the penis and keep it healthy.

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