Banishing Dry Penis Skin How a Penis Nutrient Cream Can Help

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    Jun 25, 2013
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Dry skin
Dry skin
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A dry penis can be itchy, flaky, uncomfortable and unattractive, and when ordinary skin lotions and moisturizers don’t seem to help, it can be hard to know what to do next. In fact, dry penis skin is often the result of personal habits or external factors that affect the body’s level of hydration or sap the penile skin of its natural oils.

Many of these issues can be addressed at home with the right approach to penis care, helping men to avoid unpleasant dryness that can lead to penis pain, infection and inflammation if it is not treated appropriately.

First, it is worth exploring some of the problems that can cause dryness and itching.


Manual stroking creates friction, and friction creates heat. This process can leech the moisture from the skin, and the resulting dehydration, coupled with the impact on the skin itself, can lead to dryness, soreness, and even minute fissures in the skin’s surface that can allow infectious agents easy access to the vulnerable tissue underneath. Use of a good personal lubricant is important in countering this issue, as is using a subtle touch rather than grabbing hold and yanking away. Men should look for lubricating products that are made especially for the purpose, avoiding lubes with added color, fragrances or flavors.

Contact Dermatitis

Allergens and environmental irritants can frequently cause dryness, itching and soreness when they come in contact with the delicate penile tissue. Materials like latex (found in most condoms), plant materials, fabrics, pet dander and many other substances may cause overall drying of the skin. Avoiding these and protecting the penis with a moisture barrier may help to alleviate this problem.

Personal Care Products

Personal care items such as shampoos, soaps and shower gels are formulated to clean away body oils and grease; as one can imagine, applying these to the penis can have a severe drying effect.


Extreme heat and cold can wreak havoc on the skin. Cold weather, in particular, can dry the penis skin, resulting in chapped sore tissue. Heat, on the other hand, can promote problems such as male yeast infection, which can leave the skin itchy, sore, and swollen. Dressing appropriately in supportive, yet non-binding, breathable clothing and keeping the area clean, as well as applying a daily moisturizer, can help to diminish the harmful effects of extreme weather.


The skin, like all of the other organs of the body, requires sufficient amounts of water to function at its best. Lack of adequate hydration can result in skin that is dry, wrinkled-looking, and unattractive. Taking steps to ensure the right level of hydration, like drinking plenty of fluids, is necessary to avoid damage like this.

How to treat the penis right and improve the condition of the penile tissue

Aside from the obvious - keeping the penis clean, eating right, and drinking plenty of fluids, men who have ongoing problems with dry penis skin can work with a dermatologist to determine what might be causing the issue. Changing laundry detergents and personal care products and using non-latex barrier protection is a good way to start.

In addition, nourishing the skin with a penis nutrient cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing natural moisturizers such as Shea butter and vitamin E can help to lock in moisture. Vitamins A and C are important nutrients, as well, as they can help stressed skin to heal, developing soft, new tissue instead of the keratinized, tough layer of skin that often results from dryness and can cause a loss of sensitivity in this critical area. Using a targeted penis nutrient cream is often preferred over other types of skin moisturizers, because it is formulated with the penile tissue specifically in mind. Men should look for products that are free of dyes and perfumes for best results.

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