Soothing a Sore Penis Quick Tips for Combatting Penile Pain

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    Jun 04, 2013
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Soothing a Sore Penis Quick Tips for Combatting Penile Pain Photo by John Dugan

The hero of an action movie is always ready for sex. He may have been on fire, shot through the arm and dropped off the top of a tall building mere minutes before, but when the lovely heroine walks into the frame, he's ready to get right down to business. In real life, though, there may be times when a man's equipment just isn't up to the job. An intimate encounter the night before, a long bike ride or a pair of shorts that just didn't sit quite right can all lead to a sore penis that needs to hide away for the time being. Here are a few things men can do, including penis care tips, in order to heal up.

Give it a Rest

When it comes to the penis, the words "grin and bear it" should have no place in a man's mental lexicon. Pushing a penis past its limits can lead to skin that's even more chafed and damage that takes yet longer to heal. Until the skin is back up to par, it's best for men to leave the thrusting behind. Men can use this time to please their partners with other parts of their bodies that might not be injured, or they can focus on building up the relationship with cuddles and talking. It might not be zesty, but it could be the best way to let those damaged tissues heal.

Visit a Doctor

Some intimate problems are best handled with a trip to the doctor. A urologist, a dermatologist or a general practitioner should be qualified to assess injuries caused by:

  • Overuse
  • Injury
  • Infections, including those that are sexually transmitted
  • Ingrown hairs

Visiting a doctor might be embarrassing, but doctors are usually accustomed to seeing body parts that people cover up most of the day, and they're required to keep their findings to themselves. A visit should end with a solution, not humiliation.

Try At-Home Care

If no serious medical problems are at play, simple first aid might help a man to heal up. Ice packs wrapped up in a towel can help puffy tissues to reduce in size and over-the-counter medications can help to ease the pain. Wearing supportive underclothing might also be helpful, as loose boxer-type shorts can allow tissues to flop and scrape. Keeping things tucked up tight might help a guy to avoid future trauma.

Focus on Nutrition

A healing body needs calories, and some foods are better than others when it comes to penis health. Loading up on fruits and vegetables might be best for men with chafed and sore skin, as these products contain a large amount of both Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These substances can help the skin knit back together, while eliminating free radicals that can erode the healing process. Seafood like tuna and lobster might also be excellent for men with sore parts, as these foods are high in zinc. This antioxidant may boost the immune system and help wounds to heal just a little bit faster.

While eating right can be good for penis health, the nutrition a man puts into his mouth has a long path to follow before it reaches his nether regions. At every point along the journey, that nutrition could be diverted to other tissues. Using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might be a better option for best results. These products are designed to sink right into the tissues they're applied to, and they deliver nutrition in mere minutes. When skin needs a touch of extra healing (and it's not broken or bleeding), a penis health creme might be just the thing.

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