Red Penis - 3 Common Causes and Why Not to Sweat It

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    Apr 12, 2013
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Red Penis - 3 Common Causes and Why Not to Sweat It Photo by John Dugan

The last thing a man wants to see when he unzips his pants is a red, sore penis. A red penis is uncomfortable and can put a major damper on one’s extracurricular activities - to say the least. Often accompanied by itchiness, pain or flaking skin, an irritated member can range from a mild issue to a major malfunction. In some cases, the mere sight of a penis abnormality can strike fear into the heart of the owner, prompting an emergency visit to the doctor. Before assuming the worst, men should consider these benign manhood mishaps, which can be easily treated with some penis TLC. Even if the penis condition does require a trip to the doc, men who are affected should try not to fret too much -- most experts agree that no matter how funky the junk - the penis cannot actually fall off the body, though extreme itching may make it feel that way.

It is important to note that there are more than three causes of a red, itchy penis. The list that follows is merely some common culprits, what they look like and how to treat them. As the list is not exhaustive, if a red penis is accompanied by extreme pain, oozing, bleeding, discharge, fever or other severe symptoms, it is important to get checked out by a doc. In some cases, red penis is one of the symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, which would likely take a round of antibiotics or other treatment to clear up.

3 Minor Causes of Red Penis

1) Balanitis: The technical term for inflammation of the penis, balanitis is commonly caused by poor hygiene, especially insufficient washing under the foreskin area. Thrush, psoriasis, skin sensitivity or allergy to a product used on the penis (such as soap or lubrication) can also cause the uncomfortable irritation and inflammation.

  • What it looks like: bright red, shiny patches, red rash, or dry flaky penis skin
  • How to treat it: Step up the hygiene regimen, washing thoroughly under the foreskin. If the problem persists, a doctor can prescribe a mild anti-fungal if thrush is the cause; changing to a more gentle soap and switching laundry detergents or other products may help with a persistent rash.

2) Red Penis: This condition is, perhaps, the most common cause of sudden penis irritation and redness. Simply put, red penis is often caused by overuse - as in too frequent, too long or too rough sexual activity - red penis is an ailment where the skin becomes sensitive and uncomfortable.

  • What it looks like: red penis skin that is irritated and sensitive but without bumps, patches, or unusual abrasions
  • How to treat it: Using a high quality penis cream to moisturize the penis skin and prevent it from drying out, cracking and becoming further irritated. The penis should return to its normal appearance within 12-24 hours after the use of the penis cream.

3) Jock Itch: Despite the name, jock itch is not restricted only to men regularly engaging in athletics. Rather, jock itch is a fungal condition that tends to thrive in the warm, moist areas commonly found in a man’s nether regions.

  • What it looks like: red rash, possibly a raised circular shape in the center of the red patch, itching.
  • How to treat it: Jock itch can be treated with a simple antifungal cream or spray that is available over-the-counter. Showering after a workout, changing underwear, using a clean towel to dry off with and not redressing until the area is completely dry can eliminate the infection and reduce recurrence.

Maintaining Penis Care

Whether a man is just getting over red penis, currently dealing with red penis or actively working to avoid it, maintaining the health of the penis is important. A specially formulated penis vitamin formula (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) packed with vitamins, minerals and shea butter, moisturizes the skin and prevents flaking or cracked skin while revitalizing and enhancing the sensitivity of the penis. Integrating penis oil into the daily grooming habits can help keep the penis vital and functioning at the highest possible level.

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