Penis Pain Experiences that All Men Can Learn From A Weekend Warrior Tells His Story

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    Aug 12, 2014
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Penis Pain Experiences that All Men Can Learn From A Weekend Warrior Tells His Story Photo by John Dugan

Every man walking on the face of the Earth has, at one time or another, dealt with penis pain. That dangling piece of skin is all too easy to harm, and to be honest, sometimes it’s actually a little fun to abuse. That's what happened to this man we'll call Rod. His story might be a little cringe-worthy, but understanding the mistakes he made and the penis care steps he took to get better could allow others to avoid incredible penis pain.

A wild weekend… all alone

The problem started for Rod when he found himself with a significant amount of alone time, and nothing important to get done.

"Normally, I have roommates around all of the time, and we do a lot of stuff together," he says. "It's not like we're attached at the hip or something, but we play video games together, make food together, that sort of thing. On this weekend, however, they were all out of town for one reason or another, so I had the whole place to myself, and I didn't have anything that needed doing."

Naturally, Rod did what a lot of guys would do: He spent the whole weekend getting busy with his bad self.

"I found my buddy’s stash of… er… adult viewing material and started watching it, and it sort of turned into a marathon session. I couldn’t resist watching one more, then another, and then another: it was almost like I couldn't stop. Obviously I was playing with myself, and even when it started to hurt a little bit, I kept going," he explains. "I only took breaks to pee and eat, and the rest of the time, I was totally getting busy."

The aftermath

While the penis is designed to work hard, putting it to the test on a nonstop basis for hours (or days) on end can be really rough on the skin, and Rod found this out the hard way. When his weekend was over, his penis was red, chafed and extremely sore.

"I wasn't bleeding or anything, but it looked like I'd dipped my penis in boiling water or something," he says. "Even getting dressed was super painful. I have no idea what I was thinking, letting things get so bad."

Rod called his doctor’s office, and while that talk was embarrassing, he was relieved to hear that he didn't need to come in for an exam or any kind of testing. "The nurse I talked to was really nice, and she told me that this sort of thing happens a lot," Rod says. "Since there wasn't a partner involved, they didn't need to test me for infections or anything, and since nothing was bruised or bleeding, they told me I wouldn't need intensive care. They just told me about a few things I could do at home to feel better."

What He Did

"My skin felt really hot and sore, so I sat in a cool bath," Rod says. "The water wasn't so cold that it was uncomfortable, but it was definitely a little colder than a normal bath. That seemed to sort of take the sting out of the burn, and I think it helped to wash away some of the leftover lube on my skin that might have made things worse."

Rod also looked for clothes that had a loose fit to avoid binding and discomfort. "I would have preferred to run around naked all day, but my roommates were back, so I had to put some clothes on, at least a pair of sweats" he says. "The nurse told me that airflow was really important for my sore skin, so wearing loose and breathable clothes was a pretty important part of the healing thing."

Obviously, abstaining for a week or so to let the skin heal was also a part of the deal. To speed this process, Rod turned to a soothing penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A product like this contains the vitamins and emollients needed to help stressed tissue heal, without drying ingredients like alcohol that are often found in regular lotions and creams.

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